Elon Musk, father Of 11, wants “intelligent people” to have kids

The comment was made by Shivron Zilis, a worker at Elon Musk’s business Neuralink with whom he shares twins.

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Statesman News Service

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Elon Musk with his child (left). PHOTO: THE STATESMAN

September 12, 2023

NEW DELHI – Shivron Zilis, a worker at Elon Musk’s business Neuralink with whom he shares twins, claimed that the billionaire only wants intelligent individuals to become parents. She revealed this in a passage from Elon Musk’s planned autobiography that The New York Times (NYT) had access to. A few days ago, it was made public that  Musk’s 11th kid was given the name Techno Mechanicus. The child’s full name, Tau, was revealed in Walter Isaacson’s upcoming biography of the computer billionaire. It will be available on September 12.

According to Zilis, who is quoted in the book, “He really wants smart people to have kids.” According to NYT, Isaacson claimed in the book that the richest guy in the world offered to be her sperm donor so that “the kids would have a better chance at life.”

Musk frequently discusses his views on reproduction, saying that “population collapse due to low birth rates is a much bigger risk to civilization than global warming” on X (previously Twitter).

He posted a retweet last month that emphasized the ongoing demographic catastrophe.

The article noted that while populations in the US and Japan have declined, fertility rates have significantly decreased in China, Singapore, the UK, and South Korea. According to the article, one of the biggest challenges to civilisation is population decline. Adding “Yes” to the tweet, Elon Musk retweeted it.

Musk stated in a post in July of last year that he is making every effort “to help the underpopulation crisis.”

A month later, Musk and his ex-girlfriend Grimes secretly had their third kid.

In addition, he is a father to the six kids he has with Justine Wilson, a Canadian author who was his ex-wife. He had his first son, Nevada Alexander, in 2002, but he passed away from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) at the age of 10 weeks, according to an article in People magazine.


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