Fashion show highlights cultural heritage of Vietnam’s ancient capital

The show, entitled Tinh Hoa Co Do (The Essence of the Ancient Capital), features designs by Thach Linh. Vietnamese beauty queens and celebrities will attend the event.

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Vietnamese celebrities and beauty queens will attend the Tinh Hoa Co Do (The Essence of the Ancient Capital) fashion show. PHOTO: COURTESY OF DESIGNER THACH LINH/ VIET NAM NEWS

August 11, 2023

NINH BÌNH — Áo dài (Vietnamese traditional dress) and evening gowns inspired by the nature and historical landmarks of the northern province of Ninh Bình will be presented at a fashion show in Ninh Bình City on September 9.

The show, entitled Tinh Hoa Cố Đô (The Essence of the Ancient Capital), features designs by Thạch Linh. Vietnamese beauty queens and celebrities will attend the event, including hit-maker Hoàng Thùy Linh, singer Hòa Minzy, Vietnam’s Miss Universe 2020 Đỗ Thị Hà, and Miss Grand 2022 Đoàn Thiên Ân.

Linh has gained fame as a designer for numerous artists’ costumes including singers Tân Nhàn, Huyền Trang and Lương Nguyệt Anh.

The 29-year-old designer said she has always held a special affection for Ninh Bình which she has considered as her second home for fostering her creativity in the arts.

In her first fashion show, The Essence of the Ancient Capital, she wishes to express gratitude to the land and the people who have been with her since the beginning of her career.

“Each design represents my heartfelt devotion to my homeland, Ninh Bình. I aspire to further promote the magnificent landscapes of this place to friends both domestically and internationally.

“I also wish to connect designers from different regions of Việt Nam to push the development of Vietnamese fashion. This particular fashion show will bring together talented and creative young designers who will showcase their unique collections, providing a delightful experience for the audience,” she said.

Thạch Linh’s designs are infused with traditional and contemporary elements. — Photo courtesy of the designer

The highlight of the fashion feast is The Essence of the Ancient Capital collection, which draws inspiration from the iconic landmarks in Ninh Bình, such as the Tràng An scenic complex, Hoa Lư ancient capital and even Kim Sơn rice wine.

A design of ‘The Essence of the Ancient Capital’ collection by Thạch Linh — Photo courtesy of the designer

“Integrating the whole of Ninh Bình into the áo dài” is the message that Linh aims to convey her aspiration to promote the culture and tourism of Ninh Bình through fashion.

This collection is part of the Promoting Việt Nam 2023 project that she initiated to spread the image of áo dài, the national costume. In this project, each design is closely associated with famous landscapes in Việt Nam, and each province will inspire a distinctive collection.

According to the designer, the stage of the show will be set up in the Hoa Lư Ancient Capital in Ninh Binh as part of the campaign to promote Ninh Bình tourism.

It is inspired by the limestone karst landscape of Ninh Bình and the mossy green hues of Tràng An scenic complex and Lake Vân Long.

Entrance to the show is free. — VNS

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