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The online clothing initiative is one of the first of its kind in the country and reminds that beauty should not be bound by size.

Nusrath Jahan

Nusrath Jahan

The Daily Star


Photo: BOLD

August 1, 2022

DHAKA – BOLD by Nusrat Mahmud Ananna is an online clothing store that focuses on making dresses exclusively for plus size women. Not only is this initiative one of the first of its kind in our country, it once again reminds us that beauty should not be bound by size.

In conversation with Star Lifestyle, Ananna said, “Growing up, I never found clothes I wanted to wear. While shopping, I felt ashamed of the possibility that I would not fit in any garment I tried on. The “free size” was not free enough. Even when I did find clothes of my size, they would either be very limited in option or made of boring colours. I would dream of the fashion I wanted to wear, and maybe, those dreams finally led me to create BOLD.”

This is harsh reality indeed. Be it some pre-existing stigma or just plain ignorance, a plus size individual often has to settle for something less interesting in terms of designs and patterns than someone of an average size. BOLD aims to create equality in fashion by working on this problem.

Since the message is everyone’s right and freedom to fashion, there is no such thing as a size chart in BOLD. Any dress of your choice will be customised to fit you as per your instructions. Besides design and colours, comfort is also a top priority. Ananna mostly likes to use premium georgette in her work as this light fabric gives the perfect fit and flair. Also, its wrinkle-free nature means we can save the extra minutes needed to iron dresses.

The fashion industry is highly competitive and a plus size girl who aspires to be a model is often told to either lose weight or lose the dream. However, BOLD says otherwise. From the beginning, Ananna focused on creating a platform where plus size models can come forward and showcase their talent. “I needed women to feel like that can relate to our representation.” She said, “And the best way of doing that was to work with plus size models.”

BOLD began its journey in August 2021, and so far, has received highly positive feedbacks. With time Ananna plans to expand the initiative to include women of all age and sizes. “Whether you are a size zero or a plus, you are beautiful. And we will make sure you always feel that way,” said this young entrepreneur in conclusion.

Don’t forget to check out their amazing collection on Facebook by searching “BOLD BANGLADESH”.


Photo: BOLD

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