HK superstar Stephen Chow announces new ‘Shaolin Women’s Soccer’ film

His first directorial project since 2019, the actor has called for a global talent search for young women who fit the role.


Hong Kong filmmaker and actor Stephen Chow plans to direct the new 'Shaolin Women's Soccer' movie. Photo: Handout

June 23, 2023

KUALA LUMPUR – In celebration of his 61st birthday, renowned Hong Kong filmmaker Stephen Chow has announced a new movie titled Shaolin Women’s Soccer.

Earlier today (June 22), Chow posted a video on Instagram announcing that he had completed the script for the film, which he plans to direct.

This is Chow’s first project since directing The New King Of Comedy in 2019.

In his video, the award-winning actor used the opening theme of the first Shaolin Soccer movie released 22 years ago.

He also said that the movie will be an international production and called for a global talent search for young women who are beautiful, smart and athletic.

“All countries are welcomed. The more the better!” he added.

Chow said that anyone who’s interested in starring in the film can send recent photos and details of themselves to

He also made it clear that photoshopped pictures aren’t allowed.

In an interview with Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily, Chow’s assistant Chris confirmed that the talent search will be done on a global scale via email.

When asked if Cecilia Cheung – who starred opposite Chow in Shaolin Soccer – would appear in the new film, Chris responded that further details of the production will be finalised later as the team are currently focusing on the talent search.

Shaolin Soccer bagged numerous accolades since it was released in 2001.

Grossing over HK$60.7mil at the Hong Kong box office, the film was the highest-grossing movie in the region’s history at the time.

It also won seven Golden Horse Awards in 2002, including Best Picture, Best Director (Chow) and Best Actor (Chow) among others.

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