Hong Kong’s Covid-19 infections drop for third straight day to 6,260

Hong Kong reported 8,999 new cases on Sept 16 (Friday), before it went down to 8,278 the day after and 7,322 on Sunday.


A woman uses an umbrella to shield herself from the sun in Hong Kong on Sept 16, 2022. (ISAAC LAWRENCE / AFP)

September 20, 2022

HONG KONG – Hong Kong saw its number of new COVID-19 cases drop for the third consecutive day to 6,260 on Monday as 10 new reported deaths brought the city’s toll during the fifth wave to 9,688.

Albert Au Ka-wing, principal medical and health officer of the Centre for Health Protection’s communicable disease branch, said in a press briefing that there were 6,086 local cases and 174 imported infections.

Hong Kong reported 8,999 new cases on Friday before it went down to 8,278 on Saturday and 7,322 yesterday.

Among the imported cases on Monday, 95 were detected at the airport, 47 during hotel and center quarantine and the rest while they were under home quarantine. They came from 39 countries, including the UK, the US, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, said Au.

The 174 imported cases came from 39 countries, including the UK, the US, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand

Au said that 866 schools reported a total of 1,881 cases, involving 1,618 students and 263 staff members and resulting in the suspension of 22 face-to-face classes.

When asked whether the higher vaccination rate will lead to the government scrapping dining-in restrictions, Au explained that would depend on the trend of the pandemic, with fewer cases allowing more room for further relaxation.

He also stressed that vaccination remains a key measure to keep the pandemic under control. Au encouraged children and family members of infected elderly individuals to help them report their COVID-19 infections to the government.

Gladys Kwan, chief manager (Medical Grade) of the Hospital Authority, said in the same briefing that there were 2,647 COVID-19 patients being treated in hospitals, including 233 new patients. Seventeen were in intensive care.

She added that the 10 patients who passed away comprised seven men and three women aged between 55 and 93. Seven of them did not complete their vaccination course of three doses.

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