How an addict beat drugs and turned his life around

Former drug addict Chris Sekar was able to change his life and has been an addiction consultant and therapist at the Gleneagles Medical Centre Kuala Lumpur for the past 20 years.


July 13, 2022

PETALING JAYA – Chris Sekar’s (pic) childhood was one that set him up for failure. With an alcoholic dad, Chris started smoking and popping pills when he was just 14, and two of his brothers also did drugs.

Not surprisingly, he was a full-fledged drug addict by the time he was 27.

But Chris, now 68, was a fighter who wanted to change his life. And he did. He is now a totally transformed person, having completed his degree and Masters, and has been given a scholarship to do his PhD, while holding down the post of addiction consultant and therapist at the Gleneagles Medical Centre Kuala Lumpur for the past 20 years.

Those who are curious about his amazing transformation can grab a copy of his latest book, where he details how he turned his life around by battling his addictions.

“My father was a clever guy but he was an alcoholic. Two of my brothers were also into heroin but they both got clean.

“However, one brother died due to the virus caused by dirty needles.

“I tried everything from self-medication to government and private centres. I even tried acupuncture and saw a shaman, but none of those worked,” he said.

His mother’s persistent pleas, however, saw him signing up with a Christian-run rehabilitation centre.

“My mother told me she hoped to see me clean before she died and I tried that for her sake,” he said.

It did not go well at the centre. He ran away twice before it took him in again.

Chris said the most damning moment of his life – when he was about to give up – turned into a defining moment.

“I told God he could either save me or he would find me dead with a needle stuck in my arm tomorrow.

“I slept so well that night – usually nights are the worst. I woke up a new man and I could not believe it.

“I knew something was different. My cravings for drugs and cigarettes were completely gone.

“My life took a 180-degree turn. Previously, I wouldn’t stay an extra day in the centre, but this time, I ended up working there and helping others,” said Chris, who will launch a book called Daily Devotions for the Recovering Addicts on July 24.

The book, based on his experience in fighting addiction, was a project that took seven years as he recalled his journey from the depths of despair to hope.

“If anyone had told me it would take seven years, I would have dumped the project.

“There were times when I did not write anything for two to three months but I’m glad I did it,” he said, adding that he was constantly supported by those around him, especially his wife.

He is believed to be the first Malaysian to write about recovering addicts, and hopes his book will inspire those struggling to cope.

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