I guarantee you, I will take India among top-3 economies: PM Modi

PM Modi said India was able to speed up growth and become the fastest-growing economy due to political stability, policy clarity, and democratic values.


September 27, 2023

NEW DELHIPrime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday told the country’s youth “I guarantee you

that I will take India among the top three economies of the world. I need your support and association for the country and its 140 crore people.”

He was addressing the G20 University Connect Finale attended by about 3,000 students, faculty members, and Vice Chancellors of participating Universities at Bharat Mandapam, while students from across the country joined the event online.

Mr. Modi said if the youth decides, desired results can be achieved. A hundred years back, the youth decided to fight for India’s freedom, and they achieved it in 25 years.

“The goal was swarajya (self-rule) then; over the next 25 years, it can be smriddhi (prosperity). I can assure you I will not fail in doing whatever I have to do. India should be a developed country by 2047,” he said.

He said: “We are a generation which did not get the opportunity to die for the country like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Chandra Shekhar or Azad; but we have an opportunity to live for the country.”

The Prime Minister said India was able to speed up growth and become the fastest-growing economy due to political stability, policy clarity, and democratic values. He said honest attempts were made in the last nine years to control corruption.

Before 2014, the news headlines should be about corruption only and how it had destroyed the country. To check middlemen and leakage, he said, new technology-based systems were established, and reforms done, middlemen were thrown out, a transparent system was brought about, ensuring punishment for dishonest people and respect for honesty.

He said he was surprised he was being charged for sending people to jail. People who have looted the nation’s wealth, where should they stay, the Prime Minister asked the youth. “Should they be not searched out and sent to jail? Some people are disturbed at this. I am doing what you want,” he told the gathering.

“To continue development, clean, clear and stable governance is required. If you are determined, then by 2047, none can stop India from becoming a developed, inclusive and self-reliant nation,” he said.

He said not just India, the whole world is looking at you with expectation. The world knows the potential and performance of India and its youth. People have accepted this. Progress of India and its youth is necessary for the progress of the world.

“I am able to give impossible-looking guarantees to the country, because of your potential, and fulfil them due to you. I can place India’s stand on world forums because of you. My real power is India’s youth, my capacity lies in them. For your better future, I will work day and night, I assure you,” Mr Modi said

The Prime Minister said he needed the support of the youth. “I am not telling you to ensure my victory in elections. I am not asking you to join my party. There is nothing personal. Whatever is there is for the country. I am asking you something for the country. Swatchchta (cleanliness) is a running campaign. On 1st October, a big programme on swatchchta will be launched and you should join it,” he said.

Referring to the country’s achievements in economy and diplomacy, Mr Modi said in the last month, India achieved landing on the Moon. India’s Chandrayaan3 mission travelled three lakh kilometres and then Solar Mission was launched for a 15 lakh kms journey.

In the last 30 days, he said Indian diplomacy made historic achievements at BRICS summit and the first time in 40 years an Indian Prime Minister travelled to Greece. “Many decisions were taken later at G20 platform. It was not a small job organising this assembly of big leaders. Hundred per cent consensus achieved was international headline,” he said.

Decisions were taken for SC, ST, OBC empowerment; on 17th September PM Vishwakarma scheme was launched to benefit artisans. Six lakh young boys and girls were given jobs under Rozgar Mela. The first session in new Parliament House, passed the law for women-led development.

“We are the fastest growing economy in the world today. In record time, we have moved from the 10th largest economy to the fifth place. The world has faith in India, foreign investment has reached new heights. Exports are creating records, while 13.50 crore people have come out of poverty in five years. This is the new middle class. Social, physical and digital infrastructure is expanding; Rs 10 lakh crore are being invested in physical infrastructure this year. It has been rising every year. You can imagine the opportunities it will create on the economy,” the Prime Minister said.

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