India rejects OIC comments on Muslims & hijab controversy

In a statement, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation expressed deep concern over recent public calls against Muslims.


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February 16, 2022

NEW DELHI – India today firmly rejected the comments made by the Jeddah-based Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) over the condition of Muslims and the raging hijab controversy in Karnataka.

“We have noted yet another motivated and misleading statement from the General Secretariat of the OIC on matters pertaining to India,” Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said in response to questions.

He said issues in India were considered and resolved in accordance with the country’s constitutional framework and mechanisms, as well as democratic ethos and polity.

“The communal mindset of the OIC Secretariat does not allow for a proper appreciation of these realities. OIC continues to be hijacked by vested interests to further their nefarious propaganda against India. As a result, it has only harmed its own reputation,” the spokesperson said.

In a statement issued yesterday, the OIC expressed deep concern over recent public calls against Muslims at a meeting in Haridwar and the hijab controversy in Karnataka.

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