Indonesian immigration makes it easier for foreigners to extend their stays

Foreign citizens can now apply for tourist visas and pre-investment visit visas online through


January 30, 2023

JAKARTA – Foreign citizens can now apply for tourist visas and pre-investment visit visas online through The new service was launched by the Immigration Directorate General and coincides with the 73rd anniversary of Indonesian immigration services on Thursday (26/01/2023).

“In addition to applying for a visit visa for tourism and pre-investment, foreigners can also extend the electronic visa on arrival [e-VOA] through the Foreigner Traffic Module [Molina] website. Payment can be made using a credit or debit card within the Visa, Mastercard or JCB network. That way, foreigners can complete their visa applications in one process. This is one form of digitalization of public services that is being promoted by the Immigration Directorate General,” explained immigration director general Silmy Karim.

Prior to the new service, foreigners holding an e-VOA had to come to the immigration office to extend their stays. Now, foreign tourists can be more comfortable during their vacations because they can process everything anywhere and anytime, simply by using a smartphone and internet network.

“Foreigners can apply for a visit visa for tourism and pre-investment without requiring a [sponsor]. This service is expected to encourage the growth of the tourism and investment sector. Immigration makes it easy for global businesspeople and world investors to review and study potential investments before they invest in Indonesia,” added Silmy.

Foreigners using the service are required to register on the website. Those with an account can fill out an online application and upload all supporting documents required as stated on the website. After all data is confirmed to be correct, the applicant can complete the payment by following the guidelines listed. The visa will be sent electronically to their email address.

“I hope that all the efforts we make will contribute the progress of the nation and strengthen the country’s positive image. We are also accelerating immigration services that pay attention to the needs of the community through data-based analysis and increasing digital insight in immigration ranks,” he concluded.

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