Indonesian single mother wins bodybuilding contest

Personal trainer Dina Ida Rosdiana won out over a strong field of contestants from around the region to be crowned overall True Novice Champion at the NPC Singapore Showdown.


Champ: Dina Ida Rosdiana (middle) competes on stage at the NCP Singapore Showdown. The first-time contestant won outright in the Bikini True Novice category and placed second in the Bikini Open class. (@asiagrapher_mk) (Archive/Courtesy of @asiagrapher_mk)

March 8, 2023

SINGAPORE – A Jakarta working mother becomes a champion at the NPC Singapore Showdown bodybuilding contest

It was a gold-medal performance for Jakarta-based single mom and first-time competitor, personal trainer Dina Ida Rosdiana, at the NPC Singapore Showdown bodybuilding championships in the Lion City on Feb 24.

Flying the flag for Indonesia, the bikini category competitor won out over a strong field of contestants from around the region to take the top spot in Bikini True Novice Class A and went on to be crowned overall True Novice Champion after battling it out with the Class B winner in a glamorous on-stage showdown under the scrutiny of a panel of leading international judges.

Dina further underlined her promise for the future by narrowly missing out on another gold in the Bikini Open Class A, placing second after making a last-minute decision to enter the category, which is usually associated with more experienced competitors.

“It was incredibly nerve-wracking being up on stage for the first time to compete against so many amazing women who traveled from around the region to take part,” said Dina.

“Of course, I wanted to win but told myself to enjoy the experience. I didn’t know quite what to expect. Being in the spotlight on an international stage, you can’t help feeling you’re representing yourself, your gym and your country. I hope I have made some people proud.”

Of her last-minute decision to enter the Open competition, Dina said: “My coach dared me to enter the Bikini Open, which was never part of the plan, and so I dared myself too! Winning second place against many more experienced contestants was beyond my wildest dreams.”

The 35-year-old from Purwakarta, West Java, who works at Paradigm Fitness Indonesia in Sequis Tower in Jakarta and is also a Zumba and Saltation dance instructor, undertook a rigorous two-month exercise program and followed a strict diet in order to get in shape for the competition.

Working: Dina at work as a personal trainer at Paradigm Fitness Indonesia is Sequis Tower, South Jakarta (Paradigm Fitness Indonesia) (Archive/Courtesy of Paradigm Fitness Indonesia)

“I don’t think people recognize just how tough it is to take part in bikini bodybuilding competitions, especially when you have a family to think about, and you are working full time, we train like athletes,” said Dina, who admitted that despite the physical demands of preparation, the most challenging part was probably “not cheating on my meal plan.” She celebrated her victory, she says, by breaking her fast with friends over a meal of chili crab at Singapore’s famed Clarke Quay.

“Now COVID is over, I think the fitness industry will see a huge boom, with people wanting to stay as healthy as possible,” she continued. “I hope my example will inspire other Indonesian women to similar successes and believe they can improve themselves through exercise, not just physically but mentally. And that my daughter will learn the lesson that when you put your full focus on your goals, no matter what the obstacles, you can achieve anything!”

As for the future, Dina said: “My ultimate goal is to win a Pro Card and compete at Olympia, the most prestigious bodybuilding event. Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy some downtime before preparing after Ramadan for the NPC Showdown in Jakarta in July and international events in Vietnam and the Philippines in October. I’m looking forward to having a full four months of preparation this time around – and to enjoy some home support!”

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