Israel Defence Force confirms Nepali student Bipin Joshi in Hamas’ captivity

However, the Nepal Embassy in Tel Aviv however said that his whereabouts are still unknown.


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November 21, 2023

KATHMANDU – The Israel Defence Force (IDF) has confirmed that Bipin Joshi, a Nepali student missing in Israel since the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched armed attacks on Israel on October 7, has been held hostage by the Hamas militants.Issuing a press release on Monday, the Embassy of Nepal in Tel Aviv said that the spokesperson for the IDF had confirmed that Joshi was in the captivity of the militant group.

However, Joshi’s state of well-being, and whereabouts are still unknown, the embassy added.

“Joshi’s condition is yet to be ascertained. He is still out of contact, and search efforts are ongoing,” the statement reads.

Previously, the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel had also claimed that Joshi was among 122 foreign nationals in Hamas’ captivity. However, no information about Joshi’s exact location could be traced.

“We clarify that a Nepali citizen is among the captives held hostage by Hamas,” Eylon Levy, spokesperson for the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, had told the Post.

The surprise attack last month left 10 Nepali students, who had reached the West Asian country under a ‘Learn and Earn Programme’, dead and four others injured.

Joshi is one of the 17 Nepali students who were living at Kibbutz Alumim in southern Israel, close to the Gaza Strip, and came under attack from the Islamist group that rules the strip, according to the foreign ministry.

The ministry has assured Joshi’s family members that the government has taken diplomatic efforts for his safe release.

On Saturday, Joshi’s parents—Mahananda and Padma—met with Foreign Minister NP Saud in Kanchanpur and requested that the government take all necessary steps for bringing their son home safely.

Foreign Minister Saud told Joshi’s parents that the government was trying to secure their son’s safe release.

Earlier, Hamas had released five people from captivity. Two American nationals were set free on October 20, and two more Israeli elderly were released on October 23. An Israeli army personnel was also released on October 29.

Levy had expressed the Israeli government’s hopes of international support to free the hostages without any demands.

“One of the objectives of the military’s current ground operations in Gaza is to free the hostages,” Levy was quoted as saying. “We are hoping for support from the international community.”

Meanwhile, Hamas has demanded that all Palestinian prisoners incarcerated in Israel be released.

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