Jeju Island offers many choices for holidaymakers with pets

A total of 307 pet-friendly destinations beckon pet owners looking to enjoy the southern resort island, worry-free. It is an increase of 130 places from 2022, taking into consideration the 23 spots that closed this year.

Lee Si-jin

Lee Si-jin

The Korea Herald


Dogs walk around ball pit at a pet exclusive indoor playground at Hi Jeju Hotel on Jeju Island. PHOTO: HI JEJU HOTELS/ THE KOREA HERALD

November 29, 2023

SEOUL – If you visit Jeju Island, popular tourist spots, well-known landmarks, Instagrammable cafes and restaurants may be filled not only with holidaymakers but also with their pet dogs.

A total of 307 pet-friendly destinations beckon pet owners looking to enjoy the southern resort island, worry-free. It is an increase of 130 places from 2022, taking into consideration the 23 spots that closed this year, according to Jeju Tourism Organization.

Recognizing that most pet-welcoming places are restaurants and cafes, the tourism agency added more accommodations and pet-exclusive areas to the list of pet-friendly destinations.

The pet-friendly accommodations have increased from 13 to 43. There are 48 places that cater exclusively to pets, like puppy kindergartens, pet hotels, pet restaurants, pet beauty salons and more.

Jeju Island’s eco theme park Vicheollin, outdoor tourist spot Snoopy Garden and Hi Jeju Hotel are among the many pet-friendly destinations that can elevate the travel experience with your beloved pets.

Vicheollin and Snoopy Garden

For those who wish to explore “gotjawal” — Jeju Island’s unique areas of rocky terrain covered in lush green vegetation — and immerse themselves in the island’s beautiful nature, Vicheollin and Snoopy Garden are two noteworthy places.

Vicheollin, a 50-minute car ride from Jeju International Airport, is an eco-themed park where visitors can take in the island’s natural environment kayaking or riding a tricycle.

Palm trees, a unique feature of Jeju, line both the waterways and the tricycle roads, making for an exotic backdrop for the visitors.

If you find kayaking a little static, feel the cool breeze as you ride a tricycle.

Though visitors cannot take their pets on tricycles, they can carry their dogs on kayaks.

At Vicheollin, pet owners can also stroll around different areas, like the gotjawal trail and maze adventure, with the pets on harnesses and leashes.

Charges for kayaks and tricycles vary by age.

Tickets for a kayak cost 15,000 won ($11.5) for seniors, children, 16,000 won for teenagers and 17,000 won for adults. The tricycle costs 25,000 won for visitors of all ages.

Opening hours are 8:40 a.m. to 6 p.m. Visitors are asked to purchase their tickets by 5:20 p.m. at the latest.

Meanwhile, Snoopy Garden, located in Songdang-ri, Guja-eup, on the western side of the island, allows visitors to stroll through the Peanuts comics-themed gardens featuring major characters including Snoopy and Charlie Brown.

The approximately 14,300-square-meter garden offers visitors a chance to relish Jeju’s beautiful nature while showcasing adorable cartoon characters and Instagrammable zones.

Visitors can stroll around the outdoor venues with their pets on Snoopy Garden’s “Pet Day,” which is held on Wednesdays.

The garden allows a single pet per person for safety issues. The special docent program does not allow pets, however.

Pets need to stay inside the kennels or pet strollers if the owners wish to go to the indoor garden houses, including the cafe, Peanuts store and more.

Tickets cost 18,000 won and 15,000 won for adults and teenagers under 19, respectively. For those under 13, the admission fee is 12,000 won.

Opening hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Pets are admitted for free at both Vicheollin and Snoopy Garden. are free.

Hi Jeju Hotel

Finding a perfect place to spend a night with your friends in an unfamiliar city or country is difficult enough. It is an even bigger challenge for many pet owners because they simply have many things to consider.

There are a total of 43 pet-friendly hotels and accommodations on Jeju Island.

However, the conditions for the stay vary. In some places, only pets weighing under 6 kilograms are allowed, some allow only one pet per room and there may be additional charges for sanitization and more.

Hi Jeju Hotel, or Hongik Jeju Hotel, is arguably a paradise for both pet owners and their beloved partners, because the place is truly pet-welcoming.

The hotel offers potty pads, clean plates, fluffy cushions, safe fences and pet staff to help keep the pets healthy during their stay.

Hi Jeju Hotel also has an indoor playground, outdoor swimming pool and washroom exclusively for the use of its pet guests.

Pet lovers can take memorable photos in the self-photo booth as well.

As the hotel runs a nonpesticide walking trail, it recommends that pets take a separate aphid prevention medicine.

Guests can bring a maximum of two pets in a deluxe room, which costs 148,000 won for one night.

Four pets can stay in a family room at a cost of 245,000 won.

You can bring more pets for additional charges.

More information can be found at the hotel’s official website.

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