K-pop idols set to return as solo artists in January

Kim’s new song is a remake of a song by the same title that was originally performed by rock singer-songwriter Kim Sa-rang in his debut album in 1999.

Lee Jung-Youn

Lee Jung-Youn

The Korea Herald


File photo of Kim Sung-kyu. PHOTO: DOUBLEH TNE/ THE KOREA HERALD

January 2, 2024

SEOUL – January is set to be filled with K-pop idol group members making a comeback as solo artists.

Kim Sung-kyu, leader of boy group Infinite and a solo vocalist with a unique voice, will release a new song on the first day of 2024.

According to his agency, DoubleH TNE, Kim will release the new song, “Feeling,” at 6 p.m on Jan. 1, as part of the project called “Re:Born project” — a collaborative project that presents a combination of music beyond genres and generations. Kicked off in 2021, the project has seen local artists releasing songs in connection with webtoons and dramas and has even reinterpreted old songs in a trendy fashion.

Kim’s new song is a remake of a song by the same title that was originally performed by rock singer-songwriter Kim Sa-rang in his debut album in 1999.

Kim Sung-kyu also plans to actively communicate with fans through his solo fan meeting, “ㅅㄱ 2,” at KBS Arena on Jan. 27. The title of the fan meeting comes from the initials of Kim’s name in Korean. This fan meeting is the second season of Kim’s first no-contact fan meeting held in 2019 during the pandemic.

Second on the list is Minho of SHINee, who is returning with a new single.

Minho’s new song, which will be released at noon on Jan. 6, is an R&B song that combines a low-fi-style guitar, rhythmic drums and warm EP sounds. Minho wrote the lyrics to include the feeling of wanting to be with someone who has always been by his side in everyday life.

Along with his new song, Minho will begin the new year with his first solo fan concert, “2024 Best Choi’s Minho Fan-Con Multi-Chase,” which is set to take place at the Jangchung Arena in Seoul on Jan. 6 and 7.

TV host and musical singer Kyuhyun of Super Junior is returning to the music scene with a new album at a new agency.

The artist’s agency, Antenna, announced that Kyuhyun will release a new album, “Restart,” at 6 p.m. on Jan. 9.

“Restart” is Kyuhyun’s first album since joining Antenna. It is also his first solo album in two years. The album consists of six songs and will be presented in two designs: the “Ready” version, which depicts Kyuhyun getting ready for a new start and the “START” version, which shows the excitement of his new journey.

Super Junior members Ryeowook and Yesung also participated in the sixth track on the album to support Kyuhyun’s new start, Antenna said.

Hui of the nine-member group Pentagon is debuting as a solo artist in January for the first time in eight years.

Comprised of four songs he composed and produced, his mini album “WHU IS ME: Complex” will be released at 6 p.m. on Jan. 16 on music platforms.

Cube Entertainment unveiled the track list on Thursday and said the album is significant because Hui participated in writing and composing all of them.

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