Keeping chicken rice affordable for his regulars

The seller, who sells one plate for RM4 ($0.92) has not changed prices for 10 years.


People-friendly prices: Cheng’s chicken rice stall is a hit among regulars at the Big House food court in Bentong. — ART CHEN/ The Star

December 6, 2022

KUALA LUMPUR – Despite inflationary pressures, a chicken rice stall operator here is committed to maintaining a plate of chicken rice – complete with cucumbers and a bowl of soup – at only RM4.

And to top it off, his “people-friendly” prices have been maintained for the past 10 years without any reduction in portion size to cut costs.

Cheng Yoon Loy said that he hasn’t raised the prices of his food in 10 years because he wants to thank his regular customers for their support as well as to make life easier for people in the area.

In keeping with his pledge, he also sells a plate of roast pork rice at RM6 each.

Cheng, 55, is assisted by one worker at the Big House restaurant stall in Bentong.

He begins selling in the morning and continues until all of the food is sold out.

“I can sell up to 300 plates of rice daily on weekends.”

Previously, Malaysia’s chicken prices rose due to surging animal feed prices, but Cheng said he could still cope by not raising prices.

“I can cover operating costs; I understand customers’ struggles, especially those working hard to feed their families, and I want to offer them affordable meals.”

During the durian season in Bentong and public holidays, Cheng said his business will be brisk, which leaves him feeling satisfied when seeing returning customers.

“I know many face financial difficulties, and the cost of living is increasing. It will burden my regular customers if I hike my prices too.

“Some of my customers have been patronising my stall since they were young, while some are elderly.”

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