LG’s virtual human to make debut as singer

Singer-song writer Yoon Jong-shin will oversee the overall project from writing songs to vocal training for the virtual human ambassador.

Lee Ji-yoon

Lee Ji-yoon

The Korea Herald


LG's virtual human ambassador, Reah Keem (left), and Mystic Story producer Yoon Jong-shin are seen standing next to each other in this modified photo of the two. (LG Electronics)

January 11, 2022

SEOUL – LG Electronics said Tuesday it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Mystic Story, a local music label led by singer-song writer Yoon Jong-shin, to debut its virtual human ambassador, Reah Keem, as a singer.

Yoon, Mystic’s chief producer, will oversee the overall project from writing songs to vocal training for Keem. Her imminent debut was teased last week when LG unveiled a music video clip at the Consumer Electronics Show.

“I want to be an artist who not just makes music but also communicates with the public through diverse artistic elements such as visual art and fashion,” Keem said in a statement.

Keem, an artificial intelligence-based virtual influencer, made her public debut at last year’s CES when she made a surprise appearance as a presenter for LG’s press conference. Since then, she has shared her daily life via her Instagram account with more than 14,400 followers, calling herself a singer-songwriter and DJ.

According to LG, she is 23 years old and her name Reah stands for “a child from the future” in Korean.

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