Low-lying regions near Sungai Golok flooded

The water level, after the flood that began from Nov 5, increased to a warning level after raining for about four to five hours.

Iylia Marsya Iskandar and Aliza Shah

Iylia Marsya Iskandar and Aliza Shah

The Star


November 7, 2022

KUALA LUMPUR – Several areas near Sungai Golok in Rantau Panjang here were inundated following heavy rain.

Kelantan Irrigation and Drainage Department (DID) director Kamal Mustapha said the floods began on Saturday night.

“It was raining for about four to five hours, and the water level increased to Level 8 (warning level).

“The affected villages are located in the low-lying areas,” he said.

While floodwaters will take some time to subside, he said the water level in Sungai Golok has dropped.

Data from the official eBanjir portal showed 15 victims were temporarily housed at the SK Tok Deh school hall at 11pm.

DID had issued a warning on possible floods in a few areas due to heavy rain in the Sungai Golok basin.

In Pasir Mas, several areas in Kampung Tersang in Rantau Panjang are still inundated, believed to be due to the overflow of Sungai Lachang, which occurred since Friday.

Kampung Tersang resident Mohd Hirwan Rajiuon, 41, said his house was flooded up to 0.4 metres.

“The water level started to rise on Friday, although there was no heavy rain. However, when I woke up around 6.30am, I realised my house compound and the ground floor area were flooded,” he said when met by Bernama here yesterday.

He added that the situation has not improved.

“I believe this happened due to the flow of water from both Sungai Lanchang and Sungai Golok,” he said, adding that the water level in Sungai Golok was quite high at the moment.

Mohd Hirwan, who owns a pet shop, said several items for sale, including bird cages and animal feed, were damaged.

Another resident, Ramlah Mohamad, 63, said the floods came unexpectedly, although there was no heavy rain.

“Until midday, water has not entered my house; only the house compound was flooded. Thankfully, the water was not that deep.”

However, as the surrounding areas were flooded, her family members constructed a raised platform, as it was difficult to wade through the water to go to Rantau Panjang town, she added.

Ramlah lives in the house with 10 family members.

Pasir Mas Disaster Management Secretariat (PA) Capt Mohd Arif Mohd Zain said the surrounding and affected areas are still being monitored after the water level at Sungai Golok showed an upward trend.

He added that the water level at Sungai Golok rose to 7.9m, about 0.9m above the alert level as of 8am yesterday.

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