Lunching adventures: Slurping noodles in knee-high waters in Nakhon Pathom

Many parts of Thailand has been hit by severe flooding over most of September, with more than 224,000 households affected.

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The Nation



October 17, 2022

BANGKOK – Heavy rain brought by the Noru tropical storm last month coupled with the release of water from several dams in the Northeast have caused many rivers to overflow. Many riverside communities are inundated, but the heavy flooding does not seem to faze the Pa Jit Chicken Noodle stall that has been sitting under a highway bridge for over 30 years.

“I thought I would not open the shop because with the rising water level, who would come to eat? But because there was fish and the customers continued coming, it gave me the strength to keep going,” stall owner Pornkamol Prangprempree said on Saturday.

“We get a lot of customers now because they also come to feed the fish. It’s like getting a foot spa at the same time,” she added.

Pornkamol said the water rose very fast this year, adding that it only took 10 days for the water to rise to knee length.

She added that the glistening tinfoil barb fish were very popular among children, who loved feeding them while their parents slurped up their noodles.

Many parts of Thailand, including the North, Northeast and Central region been hit by severe flooding over most of September with more than 224,000 households affected.


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