Mae Sot eyed for development as Thailand’s next entertainment hub

Commissioner Thepthai Senpong said Mae Sot already has the infrastructure to support tourism development.

The Nation

The Nation



June 13, 2022

BANGKOK – The border city of Mae Sot is ripe for development as an entertainment hub to attract tourists, create jobs and generate revenue for Tak province, a parliamentary commission said on Sunday.

The extraordinary commission was set up by the House to explore options for the development of Mae Sot, which is the main trading post with Myanmar.

Commissioner Thepthai Senpong said Mae Sot already has infrastructure such as border checkpoints and four-lane roads to support tourism development. Meanwhile, construction of a new dual-track railway is progressing well and Mae Sot International Airport has upgraded its runway and passenger terminal to boost visitor numbers, he said.

However, obstacles to development remain, including high land prices and the block on purchasing state-owned land to operate businesses, he added.

Thepthai said a training centre should be set up to enable immigrant workers to provide tourism services.

He also urged tax measures to benefit local entrepreneurs.

Thepthai cited rapid development over the border in Myanmar’s Myawaddy district, where Chinese investors have built dozens of entertainment complexes.

This had inspired Mae Sot entrepreneurs to set up entertainment complexes to spur development on the Thai side of the border, he said.

He added that the extraordinary committee would gather more information before making its proposal to Parliament and the government.

Thepthai lost his seat as a Democrat MP last year after being found guilty of election fraud.

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