Mahira Khan’s wedding outfits ranked

When it comes to celebrity weddings, nothing is more interesting than the clothes, and Mahira Khan’s sudden wedding had great outfits for observers to dissect.


Photo of Mahira Khan in her wedding attire by Faraz Manan. PHOTO: DAWN

October 13, 2023

ISLAMABAD – When it comes to celebrity weddings, nothing interests us more than the clothes and Mahira Khan’s sudden (to us) wedding had great outfits to dissect.

Allow us to present to you our favourite outfits from her wedding, ranked in order.

A Faraz Manan dream

If all girls in India dream of Sabyasachi, then girls in Pakistan dream of Faraz Manan.

Mahira in Faraz Manan was a dream come true. Everything about it was dreamy and perfect — from her signature simple makeup to the delicate silver embroidery to that gorgeous jewellery to the way her dupatta and lehenga fell elegantly.

We especially loved the tiny pop of colour in her jewellery.

t’s no wonder then that this was our favourite look from her wedding — she looked like an actual princess.

Menahel and Mehreen and Mahira

While silver is great, we also love a good pop of colour every now and then and Mahira’s indigo Menahel and Mehreen outfit was just the palate cleanser we needed.

Her mehndi outfit was simple but was complemented by gorgeous jewellery and deceptively heavy embroidery that made it difficult to tell what’s embroidery and what’s actual jewellery, especially around her wrists.

White may be Mahira’s favourite colour to wear, but indigo is definitely her colour — especially with the tiny pops of green incorporated through her jewellery.

Keeping it casual with Zara Shahjahan

Third on our list is this colourful and rather casual number by Zara Shahjahan. There’s something about a bride who knows when to glam it up and when to dress it down and Mahira is queen of elevating her casual looks.

The bangles and red dupatta were nice touches, as was the lipstick, which was a darker shade than what she wore on her other events. We loved how toned down the look was overall — especially compared to the usual heavy bridals we’ve seen over the years.

Tradition rings true with Umar Sayeed

Another outfit from Mahira’s wedding look-book that struck a chord with us was the traditional Hyderabadi two piece she wore by Umar Sayeed. Simple, traditional and in her favourite colour (white), Mahira looked great in this outfit.

The only thing we aren’t fans of are the sleeves.

Muted in Zara Shahjahan (again)

Last on the list is Mahira’s mayun outfit, also done by Zara Shahjahan. There isn’t much to say about it — it’s a rather plain yellow outfit complemented with a green border on the dupatta for a pop of colour. It’s not a bad outfit, per se, but it’s definitely not our favourite.

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