Malaysia launches new platform to end poverty

The fund will also aid efforts to establish peace, tackle environmental issues and ensure that no one is left behind.


January 28, 2022

PUTRAJAYA –  Malaysia now has another platform in its quest to eradicate poverty and fight inequality, in the form of the Sustainable Development Goals Trust Fund.

The fund will also aid efforts to establish peace, tackle environmental issues and ensure that no one is left behind from development, said the Prime Minister.

Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said to encourage donations, contributions to the fund would receive a tax deduction of up to 10% of the full-year aggregate income.

“The government remains committed to ensuring fairness in socio-economic development for all, including reducing wealth and income gaps.

“With growth that is equitable at all levels of the value chain, class, community and geography, it is aimed at establishing harmony, stability and stronger unity among the Malaysian Family by 2030,” he said at the launch of the trust fund and the Malaysia Sustainable Development Goals Foundation (MySDG), whose role is to administer the fund, here yesterday.

The MySDG Trust Fund would enable different parties – the government, private sector, corporate bodies, entities within and outside the country and individuals – to help Malaysia achieve its SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

The foundation and trust fund were established through a collaboration between the government, the Finance Ministry and the United Nations Office.

Under Budget 2021, the government had allocated RM20mil as an initial contribution to the trust fund as part of Malaysia’s five-year national development plan.

The Prime Minister said the government would continue to emphasise development policies that are inclusive, elaborating that based on what had been outlined under SDGs, the country would see improvements in terms of development.

“All these efforts will result in Malaysia becoming a nation that is strong, resilient, peaceful and inclusive,” he added.

The UN resident coordinator in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, Karima El Korri said the collaboration between the UN and the government would fund and support projects that would help change lives and livelihoods for the better, and protect Malaysia’s environment.

“I congratulate Malaysia on the progress and accelerated efforts that we have seen in recent years. These steps are positive and hugely encouraging.

“But we still need to go further, by addressing structural barriers and unlocking this nation’s great potential to deliver inclusive and sustainable development,” she said.

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