Marcos gives himself ‘incomplete’ grade after almost a year in office

"There are many, many things that we still need to do,” he pointed out.

Jean Mangaluz

Jean Mangaluz

Philippine Daily Inquirer


File photo of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

June 30, 2023

MANILA, Philippines — Almost one year into office, President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. observed there is much more that needs to be done.

During an ambush interview in Paranaque city, the President said he agreed with an economist who had said he has an ‘incomplete’ grade.

“I saw a report earlier this morning where one of the economists said, ‘the grade that I will give for the President is incomplete,’” the Chief Executive narrated.

“I agree with him. We are not done,” he expressed his approval.

“Ang dami pa nating gagawin. There are many, many things that we still need to do,” he pointed out.

(We still have many things to do.)

Marcos then switched to the dismal state of agriculture.

“We have to undo 30, 35, almost 40 years of neglect when it comes to the agricultural sector. And the agricultural sectors still occupy the most fundamental part of our economy,” he emphasized.

“And so yes, we have done a lot of growth, and we are beginning to see the systemic changes that are going to be part of the new bureaucracy. But there is still a long way to go,” he noted.

Marcos also evaluated what government has been doing in trying to control inflation.

“It’s never enough. Whatever it is that we have managed to do, there is still a great deal more to do,” the President said.

“We have to work smart, and we have to work well, and we have to be very conscious,” he stressed.

Marcos further said, the world sees Philippines differently now.

“You go anywhere now, and the Philippines is always recognized,” he reported.

“They say that if you are planning to invest in Asean (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), then you must have a plan to invest in the Philippines. Otherwise, it is not going to be a good plan,” he said.

“So, that is now the place that we occupy,” the President concluded.

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