Minimalism meets makeup: A healthy shift in makeup trends

The 'no makeup' makeup look, which has only been rising in popularity, basically bids goodbye to cakey makeup fails, and tells you it is okay to have a few spots on your face.

Nusrath Jahan

Nusrath Jahan

The Daily Star


Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

July 27, 2023

DHAKA – The world of beauty is constantly on the move. A lipstick shade trending five months ago has become history already. However, there are certain shifts, the more subtle ones, that slowly but surely made their way into mainstream makeup routines and made a revolutionary change. The post-Covid world, as we call it now, is where we have rediscovered the true importance of minimalism in everything, including our makeup routine.

The layering of different types of beauty products on our skin is no longer making it to our daily schedule. Rather, a little sunscreen, some translucent powder a coat of mascara for the eyes and some lip gloss and we are all set. This ‘no makeup’ makeup look, which has only been rising in popularity everywhere, basically bids goodbye to cakey makeup fails and tells you it is okay to have a few spots on your face. Rather than simply masking unique features as ‘imperfections’ with correctors and concealers, it celebrates individuality and natural beauty.

What makes this an amazing transformation is the fact that it is actually the perfect blend of skincare and makeup. Since it became clear that the journey of true radiance begins with well-nurtured skin, the importance of skincare has become evident to everyone. Not only are we working to cure a problem, the goal now is to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

For instance, a regular cleansing followed by moisturising and sun protection helps your skin replenish its natural nutrients bringing back the long-lost glow. Incorporating serums on specific areas of the face can get rid of unwanted pigmentation, spots, wrinkles, or fine lines. Treating your skin to a weekly or bi-weekly face mask session infused with clay, botanical extracts, or hydrating hyaluronic acid helps your skin revive from its daily battle with dust and pollution. All in all, the skin is very happy now!

Perhaps, one of the biggest benefits of this skin-first makeup trend is now the commitment to caring for your skin almost automatically translates to caring for your overall well-being. For instance, healthy skin comes with a healthy diet or drinking ample amounts of fluids. And no, ‘eating healthy’ does not start with munching on a salad all day but rather cutting down on junk food and soft drinks.

A light workout or yoga routine can help release toxins from your body, helping you achieve a rosy glow. Lastly, we are advised to get enough rest and routine sleep to avoid looking exhausted.

The emergence of a makeup trend that emphasises skincare marks the beginning of a time when self-care and beauty intertwine perfectly. It encourages us to put our skin’s health first, making us realise once again that true beauty comes from within. We now know that the magic of makeup is meant to enhance the beauty that we have already rather than be a curtain to hide behind. The no makeup look serves as a reminder that accepting our natural features is alluring in their simplicity and caring for our skin is the key to self-confidence.

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