Natural disasters to be more fierce and unpredictable in 2022

Natural disasters in Vietnam have killed 35 people, injured 15, and caused a total loss of VND483 billion in the month of May alone.

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Part of the road in Hoàng Gia Hamlet, Nam Hoá Commune, Đồng Hỷ District in northern Thái Nguyên Province was swept away by a flash food triggered by heavy rainfall on May 30. —VNA/VNS Photo Thu Hằng

June 6, 2022

HÀ NỘI — This year’s natural disasters are forecast to be more complicated, fierce and unpredictable than in 2022, with unusual heavy rainfalls in the last months of the year and storms likely to have unusual trajectories, the National Centre for Hydrometeorological Forecasting has said.

The head of the centre’s Weather Forecast Department, Trần Quang Năng, said that natural disasters would be likely more severe due to La Nina’s influence, especially in the upcoming rainy season.

“The rainy season has started in cities and provinces in the north, so in the period between June and July, heavy rainfalls will continue occurring,” he said.

“Authorities at all levels and people need to be vigilant about the risk of flash floods and landslides. Preparation on proactive measures must be implemented now,” he said.

The Standing Office of the National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control estimates that as of May 31, the country has been affected by 64 heavy rainfalls, 13 riverside landslides, and 17 earthquakes.

From May 10 to May 15, heavy rain from 100-250mm hit the northern mountainous areas in localities such as Lạng Sơn, Bắc Giang, Quảng Ninh, Hà Giang, Bắc Kạn, and Thái Nguyên. Notably, some areas were reported with extreme high rainfall of more than 300mm such as Cái Chiên Island, Dương Huy and Cẩm Phả towns in Quảng Ninh.

Strong rains with a 300-500mm water level occurred from the northern region to Nghệ An Province from May 22-24.

On May 23 alone, the water level was the largest daily rainfall in the past 60 years as the level in Quân Chu District in Thái Nguyên Province was measured at 675mm; Vĩnh Yên District in Vĩnh Phúc Province at 505mm, Kiến Thiết District in Tuyên Quang Province 540mm, and Việt Quang District in Hà Giang Province 542mm.

Hà Nội and Thái Nguyên Province were plagued by flooding triggered by heavy rains between May 29 and 31.

Natural disasters in May have killed 35 people and injured 15 others and caused a total loss of VNĐ483 billion.

Rain has led to the collapse of 24 houses, damaged 738 houses, submerged 3,078 houses, and damaged 55,725 hectares of rice and 2,375 hectares of other crops.

More than 49,430 cattle and poultry have been swept away, and 150 cages and more than 1,210 ha of aquaculture damaged.

Since early this year, the total loss caused by natural disasters was estimated at VNĐ3.85 trillion.

To proactively respond to natural disasters, the Standing Office of the National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control has asked localities to focus on improving the quality of natural disaster forecast and warning and rescue work and preparing plans for flood prevention in the downstream areas.

The committee will also inspect the prevention of forest fires, response plans to oil spills in some localities, and the ability to mobilise forces and means of ministries, branches and localities in response to incidents and natural disasters.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will be in charge of guiding localities to change crops to proactively adapt and reduce damage caused by natural disasters, speeding up the upgrade of dykes to ensure people’s safety in the rainy season, reviewing plans for flood prevention in downstream areas, and handling violations of encroachment in the central river basins and the northern Delta.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will be in charge of providing timely and accurate warnings on natural disasters. — VNS

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