Netflix ‘Physical 100’ contestant says she was ‘only verbally abusive’ in school

Kim posted an apology and denial on her Instagram following an accusation of extortion and assault by a purported ex-schoolmate which went viral.

Kim So-hyun

Kim So-hyun

The Korea Herald


Kim Da-young (Netflix)

February 28, 2023

SEOUL – Kim Da-young, a contestant on the Netflix competition reality series “Physical 100,” said she was only verbally abusive to other students back in middle school, but did not physically hurt or extort things from anyone, denying any claims that she did.

Kim posted an apology and denial on her Instagram on Friday following an accusation by a purported ex-schoolmate which went viral, saying that Kim extorted cash from her and her friends, and took them to a karaoke room and physically assaulted them.

“I am sorry to write this only now, after much agonizing and reflection,” she wrote, admitting that she was a bully 14 years ago.

She said she did “say abusive and hurtful things to discipline her juniors (in middle school),” and that she “would like to apologize to those who were hurt.”

She wrote that her apologizing won’t make her past go away, but that she was truly sorry and that she would like to meet in person and ask for forgiveness.

Kim stressed, however, that she “never extorted from or used physical violence” against others, denying the claims of her robbing and physical assaulting the classmates at a karaoke and a park.

She also apologized to the production staff of “Physical 100” and its viewers, saying her heart was heavy as the controversy over her past was damaging the show people had worked so hard for.

Netflix abruptly called off a press conference regarding the topic on Friday, after saying it was “looking into the situation upon seeing the report that contestants were involved in such scandals.”

There are reportedly others among the show’s contestants who are involved in similar accusations.

“Physical 100” is a reality TV show where 100 contestants in top physical shape compete in a series of grueling challenges to claim a cash reward.

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