Netizens urge Jackie Chan to help estranged daughter

Pictures of her queuing for free food have gone viral


Etta Ng (left) is the love child of the martial arts star (right) and former beauty queen Elaine Ng. Photo: Etta Ng/Instagram, Jackie Chan/Weibo

October 14, 2022

KUALA LUMPUR – It seems like things are dire for Etta Ng, the estranged daughter of Hong Kong star Jackie Chan with ex-mistress, actress Elaine Ng.

In 2018, Etta claimed to be “homeless” and sleeping under a bridge in Hong Kong.

More recently, she was spotted by a netizen queuing for free food given to the needy in Toronto, Canada, where she is currently based. The photo taken by the netizen was also shared on several portals.

It’s reported the 22-year-old was standing in a line among mostly middle-aged or older women with a blue bag placed in front of her.

According to netizens’ chatter too, Etta is making ends meet by working at a restaurant in Chinatown.

Ironically, around the same time her photo was being circulated on the Internet, her half-brother – Jaycee Chan, the movie star’s son with wife Lin Fengjiao – shared on Instagram a photo of him seated inside a luxurious car. Apparently, it was his friend’s Rolls-Royce. The photo has since been deleted.

Due to the opposite situations between the two children, some netizens – who are sympathetic towards Etta – have taken to message Jackie Chan on social media to “care more about his daughter”, urging him to take notice of Etta.

But a few others have pointed out that Etta is an adult now and that she can fend for herself.

Needless to say, Etta’s relationship with her parents is complicated.

An article at stated Etta saying she has “never wished to see her father” and the two are strangers. The same article also mentioned that Jackie Chan reportedly doesn’t support Etta and Elaine financially.

Meanwhile, Etta’s relationship with her mother is said to be tumultuous with both mother and daughter making negative comments about each other on social media.

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