Over 52 million Thais eligible to vote during May 7 election

Of the five groups of voters, 43-58 years olds account for 30.87 per cent of voters, followed by 27-42 year-olds at 28.87 per cent.

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The Nation



February 28, 2023

BANGKOK – As per the Election Commission’s data, 52,322,824 out of 66,090,475 people across 400 electoral constituencies nationwide are eligible to vote.

Thais have the constitutional right to exercise their ballot once they turn 18.

Of the five groups of voters, Generation X (43-58 years old) account for 30.87% of voters, followed by Gen Y (27-42) 28.87% and Baby Boomers (59-77) 22.64%.

The five groups of voters and their count provincially are as follows:

• Generation Z (18-26): 6,689,453 voters (12.78%), highest in Pattani, lowest in Lamphun

• Generation Y (27-42): 15,103,892 voters (28.87%), highest in Narathiwat, lowest in Uttaradit

• Generation X (43-58): 16,151,442 voters (30.87%), highest in Bueng Kan, lowest in Pattani

• Baby Boomers (59-77): 11,844,939 voters (22.64%), highest in Lamphun, lowest in Pattani

• Silent Generation (77-plus): 2,533,098 voters (4.84%), highest in Samut Songkhram, lowest in Phuket

The general election has been tentatively scheduled for May 7.

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