Pheu Thai vows to forge ‘People’s Constitution’, restore justice to society

The promise was made by the party's political strategy chief Chaikasem Nitisiri during an election campaign event.

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The Nation



April 6, 2023

BANGKOKPheu Thai will forge a new Constitution and reform the bureaucracy and justice system to ensure fairness in society, the party’s political strategy chief Chaikasem Nitisiri said on Wednesday.

Chaikasem was speaking during the election campaign event “One team for all Thais” at Thunderdome Stadium in Nonthaburi, where he was introduced as one of three Pheu Thai prime ministerial candidates.

The party announced Pheu Thai Family head Paetongtarn Shinawatra and property tycoon Srettha Thavisin as its other PM candidates.

Chaikasem, a former attorney-general, said the rule of law was crucial to regulate society, help people and develop the country. However, it had been misused by the government over the past eight years, resulting in distortion of the legal process.

He added that the bureaucracy was also being abused in order to benefit a few small groups.

“Government officials do not serve the people and consider them as taxpayers,” he said.

He went on to say that the 2017 Constitution had been used to extend the rule of coup-makers, while preventing people from participating in constitutional amendment.

“Pheu Thai will not allow this to happen,” he said, asking people to have faith in the party.

If elected to power, Pheu Thai would upgrade or suspend outdated laws and reduce the legal discretion process to ensure fairness among people, he said.

The party would also use blockchain and digital payment to boost transparency and accessibility of government services.

Pheu Thai would also change the Constitution, which was the source of problems in Thai politics.

“The Constitution Drafting Assembly must be elected by the people, while there must be a law to prevent coups,” he said. People who stage coups should face criminal charges of overthrowing the state, he added.

He asked the people to vote for Pheu Thai Party to ensure that justice in Thai society could be restored.

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