PM Modi’s YouTube channel crosses 20 million subscribers

Trailing PM Modi is former Brazilian president Jair Bolsanora, with 6.4 million subscribers.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with 250 students from Jammu and Kashmir as part of their 'Watan Ko Jano' program, in New Delhi on Sunday. PHOTO: ANI/THE STATESMAN

December 27, 2023

NEW DELHI – Prime Minister Narendra Modi has added yet another feather to his popularity as his YouTube channel crossed 2 crore subscribers on Tuesday, the highest amongst top global leaders.

At the time of writing this article, the channel had 4,533,513,448 views.

Modi is the world’s only leader to have 2 crore subscribers on his personal YouTube channel and leads other leaders by a huge margin.

The closet to Modi is former Brazilian president Jair Bolsanora with 64 lakh subscribers, which is not even one-third of the subscribers the Indian prime minister has. Number third on this list is Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who has 11 crore subscribers.

US President Joe Biden’s YouTube channel has only 7.94 lakh subscribers.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who boasts a large following among youth, has not even one lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel. Trudeau’s official YouTube channel has 69,000 subscribers.

The YouTube channel of Modi’s rival politician Rahul Gandhi has 35.1 lakh subscribers.

With 4.5 billion (450 crore) views, the Narendra Modi Channel leads the pack in terms of subscribers, video views and the quality of videos being posted by political leaders on YouTube.

Recently, a global survey conducted by Morning Consult had given Modi an approval rating of 76 per cent, highest among the global leaders.

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