PM Srettha reaffirms Thailand’s green commitment at Sustainability Forum

The prime minister also highlighted the growing trend among new investors who aspire to establish 100% green companies, invest in clean energy, and adhere to green industrial standards.

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Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin outlined Thailand’s commitment to green energy in 2024, emphasising that sustainability was a top priority for the country. PHOTO: THE NATION

December 14, 2023

BANGKOK – The premier said that Thailand ranks 43rd globally in the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) Index, making the country No. 1 in ASEAN in terms of sustainable development. “This is the selling point for drawing many investors to Thailand,” Srettha said at the fourth edition of the Sustainability Forum 2024, organised by Krungthep Turakij at BITEC Bangna.

Addressing the stability of electricity in Thailand, the PM spoke about ongoing efforts to reduce the electricity price to 4.10 baht per unit, further enhancing the country’s attractiveness to investors. He expressed confidence in achieving this goal.

He underscored the government’s interest in household solar initiatives, anticipating it to be a primary focus.

He also predicted an increasing prevalence of green bonds and sustainability-linked bonds.

The prime minister highlighted the growing trend among new investors who aspire to establish 100% green companies, invest in clean energy, and adhere to green industrial standards. Srettha asserted that transitioning to a green industry would provide these companies with a competitive advantage.

Srettha also expressed appreciation to Japanese investors. “We feel gratitude for those Japanese automobiles since they were one of the first industries to invest in Thailand. In any case, Thailand would like to look for potential opportunities to collaborate and align with the future goal of striving for green energy, he said.

Public-private collaboration

The PM said that the country’s sustainability goal could not be met without the collaboration of the public and private sectors.

In emphasising the collaborative effort required for national sustainability goals, Srettha stressed the importance of cooperation between the government and private sectors. He urged companies that have achieved their SDG targets to support one another, emphasising that Thailand could achieve greater milestones by integrating sustainability into organisational practices.

“While going green may come at a higher cost, it is the responsible thing to do for the environment and it allows us to grow sustainably.”

As the forum unfolded, Srettha reiterated that although adopting sustainable practices may entail higher costs, it was a responsible and necessary step for environmental preservation, ensuring sustainable growth for the nation. He concluded by expressing his belief that Thailand could accomplish even more by collectively embracing greener industries.

Sustainability insights

The two-day event, being held on December 13-14, brought together thought leaders and individuals actively engaged in sustainability to share their insights and experiences.

The first day of the forum focused on crucial topics such as “Lessons and Learnings: Ways towards Sustainability”, “Sustainable Urbanisation: Better Cities and Communities”, and “The New Legal Framework for Sustainable International Trade”.

On Thursday, the event will discuss “Financial Dynamics for Sustainability”, “Sustainable Finance: How It Is Changing the World”, “Climate Tech for Business”, and “COP 28: Thailand’s Milestone for Climate Change”.

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