Prayut working as usual, still in good morale: Interior Minister

General Prayut Chan-o-cha has avoided giving comments to reporters since his suspension.

The Nation

The Nation



August 31, 2022

BANGKOK – “He’s doing his work as usual,” Anupong replied when reporters approached him before the weekly Cabinet meeting to ask him about Prayut.

“His morale is still okay,” Anupong replied when reporters asked how Prayut had been affected by the suspension.

Last Wednesday, the Constitutional Court accepted the petition of opposition MPs for deliberation as to whether Prayut’s tenure expired on August 24, when he finished eight years in office. The court suspended Prayut from the prime minister’s duties pending its ruling.

Prayut has avoided giving comments to reporters since his suspension.

He did not attend the weekly Cabinet meeting as defence minister in person on Tuesday but joined the meeting by video-conference.

He also avoided reporters when he inaugurated the defence exhibition at Muang Thong Thani on Monday.

Anupong, whose nickname is Big Pok, is one of the so-called “Three Por” generals who joined Prayut and caretaker prime minister and Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwat to seize power in May 2014. The three have been continuously holding posts in all Cabinets since the coup.

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