Retaliate if you come under attack: Bangladesh PM to police

Speaking at a welfare parade, she said many people, including 29 police personnel, were killed in arson attacks by opposition activists from 2013 to 2015.


January 4, 2023

DHAKA – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday asked police officials to retaliate if attacked.

Speaking at the welfare parade on the first day of the police week yesterday, she said many people, including 29 police personnel, were killed in arson attacks by opposition activists from 2013 to 2015.

The PM said her government increased facilities for police and asked them not to indulge in corruption. “Corruption destroys a country,” Hasina said, adding that stability is needed for a country to develop.

She asked the police and Rab officials to remain vigilant so that militants cannot resurge and instructed them to increase exchange of intelligence among agencies, said officials who were present.

Inspector General of Police Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun gave the welcome speech.

Generally, field-level police officers place various demands before the prime minister at the welfare parade. But this year the government high-ups instructed the police authorities not to do so due to the ongoing economic downturn, sources said.

She praised the police personnel for their service beyond their working hours.

Earlier, the premier inaugurated the six-day Police Week-2023 at Rajarbagh Police Lines, after a two-year gap due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hasina also handed over Bangladesh Police Medal (BPM) Bravery, President Police Medal (PPM) Bravery, BPM-Service and PPM-Service to 117 police officials for making the police force proud by setting an exemplary standard of bravery and commitment endangering their lives in 2022.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina awards the Bangladesh Police Medal for service to Sunanda Roy, assistant inspector general at Police Headquarters, at Rajarbag Police Lines. A total of 117 members of police were awarded at the inauguration ceremony of the Police Week 2023. Photo: BSS

Of them, 17 received the BPM-Bravery and 25 the PPM-Bravery awards while 25 got BPM-Service and 50 PPM-Service awards.

Different police contingents staged a spectacular parade to mark the police week.

Hasina said, ” … serve the people keeping humanitarian aspects in mind so that trust and confidence among the mass regarding the police force remain intact.”

Police are now serving as the force of the people. The public used to live in fear of police in the past, Hasina said.

“Now they know that police serve and stand by them. Gaining the trust of people is very important for any force. You [the police force] are doing that.”

She further said, “To keep up with developed countries, we want to build our police force into a skilled and smart one, and drive the country towards development.”

She urged all to ensure that no one can obstruct the country’s march towards development and prosperity.

The PM recalled that the opposition BNP-Jamaat alliance unleashed arson attacks on the people in 2013, 2014 and 2015. She hoped that these kinds of heinous acts would not be repeated.

“I thank all law enforcement agencies, including the police force, for their courageous role in stopping the attacks.”

Riding an open vehicle, Hasina inspected the parade.

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