Security beefed up in Delhi for Independence Day celebrations

The police said the vigilance along the borders of Delhi as well as the busy markets of the city have been beefed up with many layers of protection.


Photo: SNS

August 15, 2022

NEW DELHI – Tight security arrangements have been put in place near the Red Fort and other parts of the national capital ahead of Independence Day celebrations on Monday.

The Delhi Police is making all-out efforts to ensure impregnable security in the National Capital for the occasion by keeping an eye on the potential terror modules and “anti-social elements” in the city, the police informed.

The police said the vigilance along all the eight borders of Delhi as well as the busy markets of the city, the Red Fort has been beefed up with many layers of protection as the inputs received from International Border are not only specific but are considered strong enough.

For the enhanced security at the Independence Day programme, the police personnel have deployed an anti-drone system to ensure protection against drone attacks. This anti-drone system was manufactured by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Bharat Electronics (BEL).

The Red Fort is shielded with a Radar system to ensure its safety from the Drones, as it is another threat apart from the Technological dangers for security. The police personnel are also taught the ways to combat suspected objects flying in the sky, the police said.

The police received some specifically strong alerts concerning the security in Delhi on August 15.

Intelligence agencies have issued a high alert for a terrorist attack in the city on Monday. It has been informed that on the basis of the interrogation with the terrorists nabbed from different states including Punjab, a number of Drones from the Pakistan border– carrying numerous Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)– have reached various parts of the country.

In another alert, it was revealed that deadly weapons including Pistol, Hand Grenades, and AK 47 have been sent to India with the help of Drones from Pakistan.

The Police further, quoting the Intelligence forces, said that the terrorists can also lead to several lone wolf attacks on Independence Day. In the attack, a single person can attack the mob with a sharp-edged weapon or a big vehicle.

The police have completely banned the flying of Kites (for as long as the Independence Day programme continues) around the Red Fort after the alert regarding some terrorist attack via a flying object like a kite was issued to the police by the agencies.

The Delhi Police has further received another input to be vigilant as some suspicious object put along with the crutches can attack the Fort, hence the police have been advised to ensure a very strong screening.

“The terror outfits namely SFJ, Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), ISIS Khurasan Module are planning to conduct a massive attack during August 15,” Intelligence agencies informed the police.

The police are also keeping a vigilant eye over suspicious activities and persons as the terror modules are also involving local criminals.

This year, special kind of Alarm Cameras are installed around the Red Fort, which starts alarming the nearby stationed police personnel of any suspected movement.

Apart from 250 eminent personalities expected to arrive at the Red Fort on Monday, nearly 8,000-10,000 people are likely to attend the programme, hence the police have installed 1,000 cameras with high-resolution quality in the nearby areas.

The special cell of the Delhi Police has successfully projected the pictures of around 1,000 suspicious persons, anti-national elements, and terrorists to the other unit of the police force, to ensure that every unit and department stays cautious.

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