Singaporean who won $13,000 in MrBeast’s Instagram giveaway wants to share her art with more people

Ms Sheryl Tan, who also goes by Meyyen, was one of 10 winners of the giveaway hosted by Mr Jimmy Donaldson – better known as MrBeast – in celebration of his 25th birthday.


YouTuber MrBeast's original post about the giveaway, and Singaporean visual artist Sheryl Tan's illustration of herself in the same pose. PHOTOS: MRBEAST/INSTAGRAM, MEYYEN_/INSTAGRAM

May 12, 2023

SINGAPORE – A Singaporean visual artist won more than $13,000 on Thursday in a social media giveaway, courtesy of popular American YouTuber MrBeast.

Ms Sheryl Tan, who also goes by Meyyen, was one of 10 winners of the giveaway hosted by Mr Jimmy Donaldson – better known as MrBeast – in celebration of his 25th birthday.

He first offered to gift US$10,000 ($13,280) each to five people who followed him, shared his Instagram post and tagged their friends, but later announced that he would pick 10 winners following Instagram’s removal of his initial post.

Ms Tan told The Straits Times that she took part in the contest after her friend tagged her.

In addition to sharing MrBeast’s post, the 32-year-old on Wednesday also posted an artwork of herself holding a briefcase full of cash – the way MrBeast appeared in his post.

“I had recreated MrBeast’s giveaway picture in my art style because I have a soft spot for campy things,” Ms Tan said, adding: “And I’d like to believe that led me to unconsciously manifesting this win.”

Ms Tan’s illustration, which has clocked more than 7,500 likes in less than a day, has also won praise from netizens.

“I’m also really glad that the artwork I had drawn resonated with so many people,” said the artist, who is also a graphic designer whose works have been exhibited in places like the Singapore Art Museum.

On Sunday, MrBeast posted a picture of himself with a briefcase full of cash on his Instagram page and announced his birthday giveaway.

The YouTuber, whose channel boasts 152 million subscribers, is known for doling out generous cash prizes to participants and unwitting bystanders in his videos.

Another channel under MrBeast, Beast Philanthropy, documents his efforts in “making the world a better place” by helping the hungry, homeless and unemployed.

According to the channel’s webpage, his philanthropic activities are funded by his advertising revenue, merchandise sales and sponsorship deals.

In 2021, MrBeast recreated his own version of the popular Netflix series Squid Game, which featured a grand cash prize of US$456,000.

In his most recent YouTube video on Sunday, he distributed more than US$3 million worth of hearing aids to 1,000 people.

Initial post removed by Instagram

MrBeast’s original giveaway post before it was removed by Instagram. PHOTO: MRBEAST/INSTAGRAM

In his birthday giveaway post on Sunday, MrBeast said he would pick the winners within 72 hours.

However, the giveaway hit a snag on Wednesday, when Instagram removed his post, which had more than 19 million likes at the time according to news website Sportskeeda.

As at the time of writing, Instagram has not commented on why his post had been removed.

MrBeast then posted an Instagram story assuring participants that his team had been “saving names” of the participants, and extended the giveaway to 10 winners, who will receive US$10,000 each.

Early on Thursday, MrBeast, who now has close to 40 million followers on Instagram, thanked everyone who had participated in his giveaway, and posted screenshots of the winners’ Instagram profiles.

Ms Tan said that she came to learn about the good news at about 3am the same day.

“I was in shock to be honest. It didn’t really sink in till much later. I think like everyone else, I had very little confidence about the odds,” she said.

MrBeast responded to the removal of his Instagram post by extending the giveaway to five more winners. PHOTO: MRBEAST/INSTAGRAM

Ms Tan confirmed that MrBeast’s team was in touch with her regarding the cash prize.

She added that with the money, she would love to take her art to a larger audience, and to participate in more local and international art exhibitions and conventions.

“It’s nice to know that people who are in the position to give, are willing to give,” she said.

The Straits Times has contacted MrBeast for comment.

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