Some good news for LGBTQ+ individuals, finding acceptance among their own

As Pride Month unfolds, stories from the LGBTQ+ community resonate throughout society, reflecting a poignant balance between love and rejection.

Kumari Rajlakshmi Singh

Kumari Rajlakshmi Singh

The Statesman


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June 7, 2023

NEW DELHI – From many corners of India, heartfelt stories of acceptance and resilience fill the air as Pride Month unfolds. Amidst the struggle to find their place in a society bound by norms, LGBTQ+ individuals and their families are finally being embraced strive for a world that embraces diversity. As the rainbow flag waves proudly, Pride Month serves as a powerful reminder of the ongoing battle for equality and understanding.

In a candid account from West Bengal, Shubham opens up about his initial unease when his parents inquired about his pride ring and dog tag. To his surprise, their response defied his expectations, showing understanding that may have been influenced by the movies they had watched together, like “Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan”, a film depicting the struggle of two gay men to gain acceptance from their families.

As Pride Month unfolds, stories from the LGBTQ+ community resonate throughout society, reflecting a poignant balance between love and rejection. Families are opening their hearts to acceptance, while individuals continue to grapple with identity crises overshadowed by societal norms that hinder their rights. United, the LGBTQ+ community and their parents strive to build a society that celebrates diversity.

“My sister ignited a transformative path towards family acceptance. Once she learned about my sexuality, she embraced the responsibility of bridging the gap between acceptance and ignorance,” shared Kanishk, recounting his personal journey as a queer individual, “Initially, it was challenging for my parents to embrace my authentic self.” However, as the journey unfolded, Kanishk’s parents realized that their child’s happiness and well-being outweighed conforming to societal norms dictated by sexuality.

From the vibrant streets of Delhi, Rishab shares the tale of his aunt’s instrumental role in his self-discovery. “During my formative years, my aunt’s heightened curiosity about my clothing choices and color preferences, akin to those of my sister, spurred her to support me in embracing my authentic self,” he says, “It was through this journey that I confronted the challenge of defining my own identity.”

Coming out is a deeply personal and significant milestone for queer individuals. It is the process of openly revealing one’s sexual orientation or gender identity to others, typically to friends, family, or the wider community. In the instances mentioned above, coming out represents a courageous step towards self-acceptance and seeking understanding and support from loved ones.

In a tribute to the late Justice Leila Seth, a remarkable mother and esteemed judge, her fearless declaration that “My gay son is not criminal” echoes powerfully. Drawing on scientific evidence from medical, biological, and psychological fields, Justice Seth dismantled the notion of homosexuality as “unnatural acts” perpetuated by discriminatory judgments.

Despite persistent stigmas in various parts of the world, this month’s celebrations serve as a testament to the remarkable progress made by the LGBTQ+ community. Pride Month stands as a powerful reminder of the ongoing journey towards acceptance and equality. It promotes a message of love, identity, and understanding, encouraging a world free from discrimination. During this month, individuals fearlessly share their stories of resilience against societal norms that uphold heteronormativity, inspiring others to embrace their true selves.

Voices advocating for robust anti-discrimination laws and the protection of LGBTQ+ rights are growing louder in India. Yet, the community still grapples with deep-rooted biases. Mental health remains a paramount concern, as social rejection continues to inject depression and anxiety into their lives, states mental health expert Lakshmi Iyer. “As queer individuals strive for a world that embraces them with open hearts and minds, we need to ensure their access to mental health,” she adds.

Pride Month serves as a poignant reminder of their ongoing struggles, as they hold onto collective hope that society and government will ultimately accept, understand, and celebrate the diverse identities that enrich our world.

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