Step into the internet’s obsession with oddly attractive shoes

From avant-garde architectural designs to whimsical, gravity-defying structures, these unconventional kicks have unexpectedly become the talk of the online town.

Colleen Cosme

Colleen Cosme

Philippine Daily Inquirer


File photo of a woman donning a pair of odd red shoes. PHOTO: GARRETT BRUCE FOR MSCHF/ PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER

January 26, 2024

MANILA – While the fashion industry is no stranger to eccentric trends, a recent wave of bizarre, yet oddly attractive shoes has taken the internet by storm, capturing the attention of trendsetters and fashion enthusiasts alike.

From avant-garde architectural designs to whimsical, gravity-defying structures, these unconventional kicks have unexpectedly become the talk of the online town. Join us as we dive into the funky universe of these viral sensations, uncovering the stories behind these offbeat shoe styles that are sparking conversations on how fashion and art collide.

1. Loius Vuitton Illusion High Boots

Whether it’s Balenciaga peddling a towel skirt or Diesel’s venture into belt skirts, some peculiar trends always draw widespread attention. The latest addition to this list of high-end, head-turning items is a pair of knee-high boots dubbed ‘Illusion High Bootsthat’ which imitates a woman’s leg and features customizable skin tone options. Yes, you heard that correctly—boots that look like human body parts.

A key look of Louis Vuitton’s Fall-Winter 2023 fashion show these quirky boots are the house’s nod to the Surrealist art movement. It’s made with supple calfskin to create the illusion of a black stiletto and white ankle socks that are painted by hand, complete with ribbed detailing and the LV Initials, which command a hefty price tag of $2,470.

2. MSCHF Big Red Boots

If you have been online these past few months, you may have seen the eye-catching bulbous red boots created by Brooklyn-based collective brand, MSCHF. Playfully inflated, resembling an inverted mushroom transformed into footwear, these boots give off a whimsical vibe, almost like they’ve leaped out from the screen of a Game Boy and materialized in the tangible world.

Even though they carried a hefty price tag of $350, the Big Red Boots were commanding four times their original retail price when they hit the market and sold so well that they released a collaboration with footwear brand Crocs.

3. Loewe Petal Brush Heel

Loewe continues to captivate the fashion world with its innovative yet unusual designs. They’ve released several high-heeled sandals and mules adorned with various unexpected objects, including tulips, nail polish, birthday candles, and bars of soap. However, the most recent addition to this diverse collection truly steals the spotlight – presenting the Loewe Petal brush heel sandal, showcasing a makeup brush as its distinctive heel.

Priced at $1,700.00 this sandal is made of nappa lambskin, featuring a special kitten heel crafted with a real make-up brush, as well as our signature petal-shaped toe. And of course with a price tag that hefty Tiktok users have been getting creative. And naturally, what else would it be used for? A full face of make-up of course!

As the fashion landscape continues to evolve, it’s clear that odd-looking shoes have challenged conventions and captivated a diverse audience eager to step into the world of unconventional and imaginative fashion.

Driven by a combination of novelty, social media exposure, self-expression trends, limited edition allure, artistic value, influencer endorsements, and memorable features, ask yourself: Is this really fashionable, or is it just hype?

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