Student uses crocodile as a weapon during mass street fight

Teenage brawlers in Indonesia often bring sharp objects and other weapons, but carrying a predatory animal into a fight had thus far been unheard of.

Radhiyya Indra

Radhiyya Indra

The Jakarta Post


Secret weapon: A student brawler is pictured with his small crocodile that he brought to a brawl on Sept. 18 in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta. (Instagram/Warung Jurnalis) (Instagram/Warung Jurnalis)

September 23, 2022

JAKARTA – In a rare incident, teenage-brawl perpetrators in East Jakarta tried to use a crocodile to fight.

During a brawl between school students in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, on the afternoon of Sept. 18, one perpetrator tried to use a small crocodile as a weapon.

The police arrested the students suspected of being involved in the brawl.

“We have taken 11 people [into custody],” said the head of the Duren Sawit Police, Commissioner M Marbun, to on Monday.

“We haven’t [released] them yet; we are going to call the parents and the school first.”

Marbun confirmed that one of the students involved brought a small crocodile.

“Yes, the perpetrator [who brought the crocodile] was attacked; so eventually, he joined the brawl. He did a study in the animal department,” said Marbun.

The small crocodile is said to be school property, but the perpetrator was asked to take care of the animal.

Teenage brawlers in Indonesia often bring sharp objects, rocks and other weapons to hurt the other party, but carrying a predatory animal into a fight had thus far been unheard of. The incident circulated online in a video.

Based on the information in the video, the brawl was reportedly triggered by back-and-forth insults between the students on social media. The police confiscated homemade sharp weapons and small crocodiles as evidence.

Marbun ensured that there were no injuries or casualties in this brawl, and that the small crocodile had been handed to the East Jakarta Environment Department by one of the perpetrators.

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