Superheroes pay zakat too

Two superheroes caused a stir at Dewan Majma when they showed up to pay zakat fitrah (tithe).


April 20, 2022

KUCHING – Two superheroes caused a stir at Dewan Majma here when they showed up to pay zakat fitrah (tithe).

Mohd Syah Nizam Rajap, 32, came dressed as Spider-Man, while his brother, Mohd Muadzam Rajap, 21, came as Iron Man.

They were invited to provide entertainment at a buka puasa event organised by Majma Mall traders and Tabung Baitulmal Sarawak for children from the Kompleks Kebajikan Laila Taib orphanage on Monday.

“We hadn’t paid our zakat yet, so we took the opportunity to do it after the event while wearing our costumes,” Nizam said.

Last year, Nizam made headlines when he got his first Covid-19 jab at the Kozi Square vaccination centre here dressed as Spider-Man, and as Iron Man when he came for his second jab three weeks later.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, he has had few opportunities to don his superhero costumes due to a lack of gigs.

“As Malaysia is now transitioning towards the endemic phase, I hope there will be more opportunities for my friends and I to wear our costumes at performances and events,” he said.

“We do it to spread cheer because it makes people happy to see us in superhero costumes, but it can be hard work because we sweat a lot in the costumes.”

He said that the Spider-Man costume was the most popular, followed by Iron Man.

Meanwhile, amil (tithe collector) Wan Mohd Zairi Wan Ahmad said the zakat fitrah rate for Muslims in Sarawak remained at RM7 this year.

He said there was just one rate for the state, unlike the Federal Territories, which has three rates of RM7, RM14 and RM21.

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