Surprising ways petroleum jelly transforms your skincare routine

Petroleum jelly can be your trusted soldier for chapped, cracked lips, especially during colder seasons.

Nusrath Jahan

Nusrath Jahan

The Daily Star


Representational image PHOTO: Sazzad Ibne Sayed/THE DAILY STAR

November 24, 2023

DHAKA -Perhaps the most underrated hero of skincare, petroleum jelly has been quietly working its magic for decades. Although the options for skincare products are as vast as the sea these days, this unassuming jar sitting on the dresser of almost every household has its own perks in transforming dry, parched skin into a radiant canvas.

So, without further ado, let’s find out exactly how versatile the humble petroleum jelly can be.

A lifesaver for lips

Chapped, cracked lips are a universal woe, especially during colder seasons. Enter petroleum jelly, your trusted soldier for this battle.

It acts as a protective barrier that locks in moisture, allowing your lips to heal and regain their softness. It is a must to keep it close at all times to avoid unsightly cracks and discomfort.

Soothing dry skin

One of the most celebrated attributes of petroleum jelly is its ability to rescue parched, flaky skin. Whether the elbows are the ones screaming for attention or the feet, this one product can work wonders on them.

Even during the harshest winters, its moisturising properties make it a shield, keeping your skin soft and supple.

Reclaim your radiance

Over time, our face and hands lose their natural glow and hydration due to exposure to harsh elements or everyday activities. The thick consistency of petroleum jelly can be the perfect dose of nourishment for this, effectively trapping moisture within the skin.

This is especially helpful if you can use it overnight, at least 2 to 4 times a week, as the last step of your regular skin routine.

With consistent use over a few days, there is a notable difference as your notice face and palms regain their softness, radiance, and youthful vibrancy.

Also, did you know that petroleum jelly makes a great makeup remover?  You apply the jelly over your makeup and let it sit for a few minutes. Massage it gently and wash it off with your regular foam cleanser; your makeup gets removed without so much as a stain on your face.

The popular myths vs underrated truths

If you are on the internet, you have undoubtedly heard that petroleum jelly is unusable on the face. It supposedly clogs pores, results in pimples, darkens the lips and whatnot!

The truth cannot possibly be farther from these unfounded myths.

A very basic rule for using petroleum jelly and any other skincare product for that matter, is to have your skin washed and cleaned well. Petroleum jelly acts as a layer of moisture lock and it does not penetrate deep enough to clog your pores. So, the pimples are not the jelly’s fault.

As for the darkening lips, petroleum jelly actually happens to do the opposite. By helping restore moisture it prevents them from drying out and darkening.

A winter staple

It is no surprise that winters are unkind to the skin. However, it is also the season when petroleum jelly enjoys its popularity like none other. As other products fail to keep up with the biting cold drying up the skin, we find ourselves relying heavily on this product for its moisturising and healing properties.

Be it for the lips, the face or the arms and feet, this one helps our skin look good and feel great in our otherwise favourite season.

It is a happy surprise to know how a simple jar of petroleum jelly can do so much for your skin, isn’t it?

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