Taiwanese actress says she misses Thailand after four ex-cops jailed for extorting her

She also said that she believed there are more good than bad cops in the kingdom.

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The Nation



November 13, 2023

BANGKOK – A Taiwanese actress, who was extorted by four policemen in Bangkok in January, said Thursday that she missed Thailand and that she believed there are more good than bad cops in the kingdom.

Charlene An (An Yu-qing) posted to her Instagram account after learning that the four former policemen have been jailed for extorting money from her.

“Miss Thailand,” she wrote in the post that carried three languages, Taiwanese, English and Thai.

In Thai, she printed “I hope everything will be okay”.

She then continued in English that the extortion incident in January had caused her trauma.

“But the truth is that there is some corruption all over the world, not just in Thailand,” she posted.

“I think the good overweighs the bad in Thailand.”

She ended the post by saying: “It’s a lovely culture”.

On Wednesday, the Central Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases sentenced four former policemen from the Huai Kwang police station to five years in jail for extorting money from An. The other two defendants, who are also former officers from the same police station, were acquitted.

An posted a TikTok video in January alleging that she and her friends had been stopped at a police checkpoint in the early hours of January 5 and that the police planted a vaping device on her before demanding 27,000 baht to let her go free.

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