Thai PM’s Office Minister to sign MoU in China on media cooperation

The MoU follows her discussions with China's ambassador to Thailand, Han Zhiqiang, the Minister said.

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File photo of PM's Office Minister Puangpet Chunlaiad. PHOTO: THE NATION

October 16, 2023

BANGKOK – Puangpet said she would accompany Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, who will make an official visit to the country on the invitation of the Chinese government from Wednesday to Friday.

During her visit to China, Puangpet said she would sign an MoU for cooperation on news and information sharing between the department, which is the Thai government’s mouthpiece, and CMG, which is responsible for managing the vast majority of state-owned media in China, including radio, television, and print outlets.

The MoU signing would follow her discussions with China’s ambassador to Thailand, Han Zhiqiang, on October 11, Puangpet said.

Puangpet said they discussed cooperation on sharing information to fight cybercrime and call-centre gangs.

She said the ambassador agreed with her that Thai and Chinese media should cooperate on sharing information to prevent damage caused by cybercrimes and call-centre gangs.

During the visit to China, Puangpet added, she would also meet and discuss with the director of CMG on how to draft the framework for cooperation.

CMG is one of the largest media groups in the world, with over 100 subsidiaries and branches in more than 100 countries. China Daily, a subsidiary of CMG, is also a member of Asia News Network, of which The Nation is a member.

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