Thailand Covid-19 crisis nearing end, will become endemic soon: Ministry

The Covid-19 pandemic is nearing an end thanks to cooperation between different sectors, especially the public, the Public Health Ministry announced.

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The Nation



June 14, 2022

BANGKOK – The Covid-19 crisis over the past two years is the world’s worst health crisis in 100 years, having an impact on people’s health, quality of life, as well as the economy and society as a whole, the ministry’s permanent secretary Dr Kiattiphum Wongrajit said.

He added that Thailand has entered the latter part of the pandemic and should soon be able to declare the disease endemic.

“This was achieved thanks to cooperation, especially from the public,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Rungruang Kitphati, head of the Health Technical Office, said the ministry was getting ready to declare Covid-19 endemic.

Meanwhile, a network called “Khon Kaen People will not Leave Others Behind” has submitted papers detailing its Covid-related efforts to the National Archives of Public Health for record-keeping.

This network had set up community kitchens across the province to hand out free food to the affected. It was financed by donations from the general public.

Rungruang said the documents will serve as good reference material for people to study should a similar pandemic emerge in the future.

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