Thailand’s tourism industry revving up thanks to Covid-19 downgrade: Pollsters

Most of the 1,148 respondents said that downgrading the Covid-19 virus’s status on will help stimulate the economy.

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The Nation



October 31, 2022

BANGKOK – Most of the 1,148 Suan Dusit Poll respondents said that downgrading the virus’s status on October 1 will also help stimulate the economy.

The results of the survey conducted nationwide between October 23 and 28 were announced on Sunday.

In the survey, 79.88% of the respondents said tourism will improve during the rest of the year, while 17.94% expect it to remain unchanged and 2.18% say it will worsen.

As for the most attractive province during the New Year break, 38.85% chose Chiang Mai, followed by Chiang Rai (19.30%), Nan (15.79%), Phuket (13.28%) and Prachuap Khiri Khan (12.78%).

As for what sort of trips are most attractive, 55.62% chose relaxing in fancy hotels, 51.41% preferred beaches, while 45.43% opted for visiting temples and holy sites.

As for what motivates them to travel upcountry, 71.65% said it was affordable, 68.50% put it down to convenience, while 46.98% said they were attracted by discounts.

As for suggestions to stimulate tourism, 60.16% suggested the government introduce new measures, followed by promoting secondary cities (57.34%) and opening new routes (56.29%).

Many of these questions offered several choices.

Regarding travel this year, 54.01% said they had trips planned for this year. Of them, 87.58% said they will travel within the country, while 12.42% plan to go overseas.

“People will spend more if the government makes travelling easier and creates new routes and destinations,” Pornphan Buathong, who led the study, said.

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