Thaksin’s daughter vows to help grassroots if Pheu Thai wins election

Paetongtarn Shinawatra also said that Pheu Thai party was now prepared if the government decided to call a snap election.

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April 25, 2022

BANGKOK – Paetongtarn Shinawatra, who heads the so-called “Pheu Thai Family and is the party’s public participation and innovation adviser, made the plea during the party’s general assembly.

The Pheu Thai caucus started at 10.30am on the seventh floor of party headquarters in Bangkok. In attendance were core members including party leader Cholnan Srikaew, Chaturon Chaisang and Chaikasem Nitisiri.

Paetongtarn told the meeting that Pheu Thai was now prepared if the government decided to call a snap election.

“The day the government dissolves the House, we will be ready. We are confident we can transform Thailand from a debt-ridden, miserable place with no future into a country where people can prosper easily. It will become a country of opportunity and hope,” Paetongtarn said.

If Pheu Thai gets the chance to run the country for eight years like the Prayut government, Thais will not be fleeing the country as they are now, she said.

“Instead, Thais abroad will want to return to help create happiness, prosperity and development for the country,” she said.

Pheu Thai will reverse the “brain drain” if it wins a landslide election victory and forms the next government, she added.

It would also implement five policies to help the people.

The first policy is to distribute administrative power more widely and promote public participation in national policymaking.

The second is to promote “soft-power” initiatives to showcase Thai potential and boost incomes.

The third is to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help farmers increase their income.

The fourth is to create a digital government platform to accelerate digital transformation for state agencies and the private sector.

Finally, the party will prepare Thais for the metaverse era by supporting the use of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), developing children’s digital skills, and pushing augmented and virtual reality technologies.

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