The ultimate guide to styling oversized ‘boyfriend’ shirts

This shirt should envelop you like a cuddly, comforting hug while making you look like a million bucks.

Sabrina N Bhuiyan

Sabrina N Bhuiyan

The Daily Star


Photo: Adnan Rahman

November 24, 2022

DHAKA – How often have you been stuck in one of those moments where you want to wear something casual yet cool? A piece of clothing that’s easy, breezy, and stylish too? Well, look no further than the epitome of nonchalant chic — the boyfriend shirt! You are welcome to raid your significant other’s closet and choose his Friday best! But in reality, it’s the lived-in, soft-as-cotton candy variety we are lusting after! This shirt should envelop you like a cuddly, comforting hug while making you look like a million bucks.

Raiding said boyfriend’s closet is optional as one is spoilt for choices. Hundreds of varieties exist of the boyfriend shirt. The casual ones look best in solid colours such as white, which is a classic. Pale blue, cornflower yellow, and baby pink are other options too. On the other hand, neon shades look fabulous. Fuchsia is red hot in the fashion scene right now and looks great with jeans or tights.
In terms of prints, plaids and tartans are casually cool.

These are classics, but every wardrobe needs at least one basic checkered boyfriend shirt. Stripes in interesting colours look sophisticated and fun. Rainbow stripes or pastel ones are very in right now.


Everybody should have a pristine white shirt in their closet because it works with everything; it can be dressed up or down, and not only for the office. For clothing inspiration this summer, we have put together our six favourite looks with the help of some street styles.

Photo: Adnan Rahman


Playing Dress-Up

Moving on to the other end of the spectrum, we also love to ‘dress-up’ a boyfriend shirt! Roll up the sleeves of a cream silk oversized shirt over a pair of skinny denim, throw in a pair of sparkling heels, and chandelier earrings, and voila!

Photo: Adnan Rahman

Make Way for the Short Dress

Another way is to pair a boyfriend shirt with an elegant belt and wear it like a short dress. A pair of nude heels and a statement clutch will elevate the look instantly!

While at the Beach

Roll up the sleeves and wear it open over your preferred swimsuit. Long sleeves will keep you cool and shield your shoulders from the sun. Boyfriend shirts which are usually made of light fabrics, including linen, silk and cotton. These materials offer respite beneath the harsh sun.

Photo: Adnan Rahman

Workplace Styling

Any workwear wardrobe benefits from having a white shirt in it. Try experimenting with your style by tucking shirts into skirts and pants. Remember to iron your clothes before wearing them to work and untuck over baggier pants for a casual elegant look! To add some colour to the normal office monotone, throw on a vibrant shawl or scarf.

Weekend with the Boyfriend Shirt

Over denim cut-offs, a loose-fitting shirt can look stylish. Put on your favourite sneakers and some statement jewellery, and don’t forget to undo a few top buttons to maintain a casual and relaxed appearance.

Date with the Significant Other

Team your top with a pair of boyfriend jeans or tights, whether you decide to travel alone or with your besties. At its finest, the boyfriend shirt is a casual and easy style. For the most clichéd and yet trendy appearance, try tucking in one side of the shirt inside your pants while leaving the other side out.

Photo: Adnan Rahman

Model: Mysha

Make-up: Sumon

Styling: Sonia Yeasmin Isha

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