The wonder plant called Moringa and its many health benefits

Every part of this tree has special properties: its leaves, flowers, seeds, bark, sap and pods. Even the oil extracted from the tree has similar properties to that of olive oil.


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September 2, 2022

NEW DELHI – The Moringa plant, also known as the miracle tree, has been used for thousands of years by primitive cultures to help cure a wide range of diseases. Lately it has received an incredible amount of attention from the medical community around the world who praised this plant for its health benefits and nutritional qualities.

Every part of this tree has special properties; be it its leaves, flowers, seeds, bark, sap and pods. Even the oil extracted from the tree has certain properties that are similar to that of olive oil and it does not go rancid.
Moringa is also defined as a superfood as it contains not only plenty of nutrients but phytonutrients as well. According to ayurveda, it has several acclaimed benefits, like essential amino acids, and more importantly it has seven times more potassium then bananas, three times more protein than milk, seven times more vitamin C than orange and twenty five times more iron than spinach.

Not only does is it have antidiabetic properties which can lower sugar levels in human body, It also has anti-inflammatory properties and also fights against acne.
According to Ex District Ayurvedic Officer (DAO), Government of Himachal Pradesh, Dr Hem Raj Gautam, “More people are preferring the miraculous drink of moringa plant over their ususal evening tea or coffee. Moringa Olieifera is taking over the world as a new natural superfood and it is already traditionally used in South India to make tea and adding in the stews.
Here are some benefits of Moringa:

Aids in weight loss
Consuming moringa helps in losing weight as it reduces fat formation and assista breaking down fat in the body. Moringa powder has been proven to facilitate weight loss. Several studies conducted on animals show that Moringa can reduce fat from the body.

Nutrient rich
Moringa leaves are super high in nutrients like Vitamin A, B6, and C, also Riboflavim. The drum sticks of the plant are rich in Iron and its flowers are rich in magnesium.

Boost immunity
Moringa is loaded with immunity boosters specially with antioxidants like chloro genic acid and vitamin C so it basically helps our body to fight diseases and boost immunity.

It reduces inflammation
Inflammation is body’s natural response to infection or injury it is an essential protective mechanism the body deploys to defend itself but it can become a major health issue if it continues to show up over a long period of time. Moringa contains a special compound called Isothiocyanete which is the main anti-inflammatory compound in the pods and seeds of the plant that reduces inflammation when consumed daily.

It can lower cholesterol levels
Moringa is very helpful for those who suffer from high cholesterol and both animal and human-based studies have shown that Malinga olefera can lower cholesterol levels when consumed with Amaranth. The capsules made from moringa leaves are given to patients with high cholesterol levels.

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