Unique coffee brew is drawing tourists to a mountain top in Thailand’s Tak province

The Doi Muser mountain offers a unique Arabica coffee with a special taste and aroma and has transformed the area into a tourist destination.

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December 30, 2022

BANGKOK – The coffee beans harvested on the mountain have a unique taste and aroma, and they have transformed the area into a tourism destination, said Thamolwan Charoenwongpisit, director of the tourism agency’s office in the province.

The coffee beans are in the process of being registered as a geographical indication product of Doi Muse, Thamolwan added.

On Tuesday, she visited Doi Muser mountain to promote the coffee beans.

Doi Muser is located on Highway No 1099 (Omkok-Mae Tuen road) in Tambon Dan Mae Lamoh, Mae Sot district. Its peak is about 1,400 metres above sea level.

Besides coffee, the mountain is well-known for its hill tribe villages and cabbage plantations.

Thamolwan said the mountain’s coffee beans are drawing an increasing number of tourists and generating more income for local residents.

Tak’s tourism industry is bustling as it prepares for the New Year holidays, which are expected to draw plenty of tourists to the mountain, Thi Lo Su Waterfall in the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, Thamolwan said.

At 250 meters in height and 450 metres in width, Thi Lo Su Waterfall is the widest and highest waterfall in Thailand. It flows down from Huai Klotho into Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary.

Thamolwan said the province’s Rim Moei Market, a large border market opposite Myanmar, is also a popular destination for tourists.

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