Vietnam marks first stop for Pacific Partnership 2023

Nearly 1500 personnel from the US and partner nations are participating in the largest, annual humanitarian assistance and disaster relief preparedness mission in the Indo-Pacific.

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US Consul General in HCM City Susan Burns speaks at the event. PHOTO: VNA/VIETNAM NEWS

August 11, 2023

VIETNAM – The Pacific Partnership has returned to Tuy Hoà City in the south central coastal province of Phú Yên on Wednesday to commence the largest annual multinational humanitarian assistance and disaster relief preparedness mission conducted in the Indo-Pacific.

Returning to Việt Nam for the 12th time, the PP enables participants, including US and Vietnamese personnel, to work together to enhance disaster response capabilities and foster new and enduring friendship, according to a media release by the US Embassy in Hà Nội.

Addressing the launching ceremony, US Consul General in HCM City Susan Burns said: “We’re glad to see Việt Nam as the first stop in Pacific Partnership 2023 given Việt Nam’s strategic importance in the Indo-Pacific.”

“This year’s Pacific Partnership reflects the spirit of support and cooperation that has animated the US-Việt Nam bilateral partnership over the 28 years since we established diplomatic relations. The Pacific Partnership also highlights the celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the US-Việt Nam Comprehensive Partnership.”

“Our ties are stronger than ever. Our relationship is built on trust and mutual respect; on the neighborly principal of helping each other when needed; and on the US’ deep commitment to a strong, prosperous, resilient, and independent Việt Nam,” she said.

This year’s mission will feature nearly 1500 personnel from the US and partner nations such as Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand, and the UK.

US Navy Captain Claudine Caluori said in Phú Yên, they will conduct subject matter expert exchanges in the areas of public health and preventive medicine, adult and pediatric medicine, nutritional counseling, mental health activities, basic life support, and first aid lectures.

“Pacific Partnership 2023 also features personnel from Naval Mobile Construction Battalions, better known as Seabees, and Amphibious Construction Battalions to engage in construction and repair projects. Typical projects include construction of or repair to schools, health clinics, community centers, shelters and freshwater systems,” he said.

The PP23 will last until August 18 in Phú Yên Province. — VNS

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