Vietnamese films compete in first Asean Film Festival

The festival, which is taking place until August 19, features a total of 14 works from eight Asean countries.

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Alice Mong, director of the Asia Society Hong Kong Centre, delivers a speech during the film premiere of Yellow Flowers on Green Grass in the first ASEAN Film Festival. PHOTO: VNA/VNS

August 17, 2023

HONG KONG – Two Vietnamese films – Tôi Thấy Hoa Vàng Trên Cỏ Xanh (Yellow Flowers on Green Grass) and Cuộc Đời Của Yến (Yến’s Life) – are competing in the first ASEAN Film Festival in Hong Kong (China).

The festival, which is taking place until August 19, is organised by the Hong Kong-ASEAN Association, the Consulates General of ASEAN countries in Hong Kong, and partners.

The cultural event aims to introduce the diverse beauty in culture and customs of the ASEAN community to Hong Kong audiences through stories in film, and help them further understand Southeast Asian culture, promoting exchanges and deepening cultural and economic ties.

A total of 14 works from eight ASEAN countries, including Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Việt Nam, Laos, Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore are screened at M Cinema, The Sky và The Miller Theatre (Asia Society Hong Kong).

Vietnamese Consul General in Hong Kong Phạm Bình Đàm said that the participation of Vietnamese films in the festival is an effort to implement cultural diplomacy and promote images of the country and people of Việt Nam. The films will inspire people to visit the country for tourism or business.

“Hong Kong is a major international hub, making it an ideal location for Việt Nam to engage in further promotional activities. In the future, the Consulate General will organise even more activities to promote Việt Nam,” he said.

Yellow Flowers on Green Grass was directed by Vietnamese-American Director Victor Vũ and Yến’s Life by Đinh Tuấn Vũ.

In Yến’s Life, the main character, named Yến, had to get married when she was only 10 years old following a marriage arrangement of her parents. Since then, her life has been intertwined with the ups and downs of her husband’s family.

The film has won major awards such as the Silver Lotus Award for Outstanding Film at the 19th Film Festival in 2015, the Silver Kite Award for Outstanding Film, the Golden Kite Award for Outstanding Film Director, and the Golden Kite Award for Outstanding Film Music at the 2015 Golden Kite Awards. It also received a prestigious award at the International Premieres Film Festival in the Philippines in 2016.

Yellow Flowers on Green Grass, produced by Thiên Ngân Film Joint Stock Company and directed by Victor Vũ, tells the story of a dreamy adolescence amidst the purity and hardships, as well as the tragic fate, of two brothers, Thiều and Tưởng, in the central-southern region of Việt Nam in the 1980s.

The film captures the challenges and the conflicts of adolescence, as well as the genuine sibling love and the bittersweet pains they endure, serving as a ticket that takes viewers back to their childhood.

It won the Best Film Award at the Silk Road International Film Festival 2015 in Fuzhou, China, as well as the Golden Lotus Award at the 19th Vietnam Film Festival for the category of Feature Film in 2015.

In an exchange with the audience, director Victor Vũ revealed that his deep emotions upon reading the novel of the same name by author Nguyễn Nhật Ánh was the main inspiration for him to adapt it into a film.

The film was originally released in 2015, and the director said he felt immensely grateful that the film continues to have the opportunity to reach audiences worldwide even after several years. He expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the ASEAN Film Festival for including his film in this year’s programme.

An audience of the film screening, Janice Choi, Legal Director of Sunwah Group (Hong Kong), said Yellow Flowers on Green Grass was incredibly touching and resonated deeply with the hearts of every viewer.

Shirley Tse, Vice President of ACME Limited (Hong Kong), shared a similar viewpoint, stating that the film was truly excellent, touching, and expressing her delight at having the opportunity to watch it.

The film portrays life in the countryside, nature, and greenery that she has never had the chance to experience before.

She considered it one of the best films she has seen in recent years. She also expressed her hope to see more Vietnamese films in Hong Kong in the future.

In the first ASEAN Film Festival, Thai cinema made the most significant contribution with a diverse selection of films, including Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past LivesThe Medium, The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra, Friend Zone, and The Adventure of Sudsakorn.

Additionally, notable films from other countries were showcased, such as Before, Now and Then and Missing Home from Indonesia, White Building from Cambodia, and The Long Walk from Laos. — VNS

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