Vietnamese supermodel to transform cruise ship into ocean catwalk

She will be using the world’s latest liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered cruise ship, Costa Toscana, for the ocean catwalk event on February 28.

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Vietnamese supermodel Jessica Minh Anh is pictured on board of Costa Toscana, the world’s newest LNG-powered cruise ship. Photo Jessica Minh Anh

February 22, 2022

HANOI – The world’s latest liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered cruise ship, Costa Toscana, will be transformed into a sky-high ocean catwalk for J Spring Fashion Show 2022, on February 28.

According to its producer, Vietnamese supermodel Jessica Minh Anh, the iconic production is against the cinematic backdrop of the Italian Riviera and will deliver a message of sustainability and style, while marking a historic milestone in both the fashion world and the cruise industry.

The high-profile event will welcome global media and exclusive VIPs on board Costa Toscana, a new age “smart city at sea”, before its inaugural cruise in Portofino, Italy.

A combination of haute couture, ready-to-wear, and swimwear collections from North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia will be premiered.

The red-carpet experience will feature the best in Italian art, architecture, culture, luxury and delicacies alongside the impressive catwalk.

“This particular moment in history provides an opportunity for a sustainable ‘restart’ of our society. Costa Toscana aligns perfectly with my mission of highlighting sustainability in a visually attractive way,” Minh Anh said.

“It runs on Liquefied Natural Gas, one of the most advanced technologies to reduce emissions right now. It represents a breakthrough in the travel industry. I am honoured to celebrate the resurgence of business and style on such a unique ship.”

J Spring Fashion Show 2022 is Minh Anh’s come-back catwalk event after the phenomenal success of “Runway on the Runway” at JFK international airport before the pandemic, where the supermodel turned entrepreneur promoted the globally sustainable supply chain.

This show will combine three of Minh Anh’s famous catwalk series, namely Fashion x Sustainability, Catwalk-On-Water, and Sky-High, into one mind-blowing extravaganza. Previous editions took place atop the Eiffel Tower, London’s Tower Bridge, Grand Canyon Skywalk, Hoover Dam, Gemasolar Power Plant, and international cruise ships in Dubai, New York, Sydney, and Hong Kong.

“Jessica Minh Anh is a pioneer in marrying fashion with sustainability, just like Costa Cruises in offering the most advanced sustainable ships”, said Mario Zanetti, president of Costa Cruises.

“Costa has been the first in the world to operate LNG-powered ships, and focuses on value-driven, sustainable and inclusive tourism. As the travel industry is gradually recovering, it is very exciting for us to welcome Jessica on board, and have her launch such an important message in a creative way on our new flagship, Costa Toscana. We are also proud that this collaboration will happen in Italy and specifically the Ligurian Riviera.”

Supermodel and entrepreneur Minh Anh is the producer behind some of the world’s most innovative Fashion x Sustainability projects.

She has continuously made history with shows atop famous architectural wonders including the Eiffel Tower, London’s Tower Bridge, and PETRONAS Twin Towers.

Most impressively, she broke the record with the world’s highest fashion show on the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

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