Vietnam’s new passport design receives positive global response despite initial halt

After the "place of birth" information was incorporated into passports, the procedures for visa applications and associated processes in other nations have proceeded seamlessly.

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An official of the Việt Nam Immigration Department guides a citizen to conduct procedures for a passport in Hà Nội. PHOTO: VNA/ VIET NAM NEWS

August 25, 2023

HANOI – After the “place of birth” information was incorporated into passports, the procedures for visa applications, entry and exit, residence, and associated processes in other nations have proceeded seamlessly and without complications, according to the Việt Nam Immigration Department (VID) under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS).

Every nation has reacted favourably. They have lauded Việt Nam’s passport and visa strategies, which provide ample information to ascertain the identity of passport bearers, said a leader from the VID to the Vietnam News Agency.

From July 1, 2022, the MPS started issuing standard passports without electronic chips in a new format for Vietnamese citizens.

Prior to the formal introduction of this new passport design, both the MPS and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs communicated the format to the representative offices of all nations in Việt Nam.

Following a month of this notification, no nation provided feedback.

Nevertheless, towards the close of July the previous year, several countries declared a temporary halt on visa issuance for Việt Nam’s new passport version.

The reason was that the passport does not contain information on the passport users’ place of birth.

To overcome the difficulties, the Government directed the MPS and overseas Vietnamese representative agencies to add the information in the new passports.

Foreign countries approved the additional information. But they said that the acceptance was only temporary, and suggested Việt Nam soon add information to the main profile page.

On November 15 last year, at the fourth session, the 15th National Assembly (NA) issued Resolution No 27/2022/QH15, which agreed to add “place of birth” to passports of Vietnamese citizens.

Implementing the NA’s resolution, the MPS issued the Circular No 68/2022/TT-BCA on December 31 last year regulating passport forms.

The information was added to passports since the beginning of this year.

At the same time, the new passport form separates “last name”, “middle name and first name” on two lines to create favourable conditions for Vietnamese citizens when carrying out immigration procedures and residing abroad.

It also helps foreign authorities to distinguish last name and first name of the citizen, avoid confusion in documents issuance to Vietnamese citizens.

Amended laws

On June 24 this year, the NA approved the law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Law on Exit and Entry of Vietnamese Citizens and the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit and Residence of Foreigners in Việt Nam.

The VID said that the amended laws abolished regulation that the passport must be valid for six months before exiting the country.

It facilitates citizens when carrying out immigration procedures, especially for citizens with valid passports for less than six months but have foreign entry visa for residence.

The VID assessed that the amended laws was suitable with actual conditions, simplified administrative procedures including the ones on electronic devices.

The laws helped improve State management efficiency in exit and entry of Vietnamese citizens and unify with the legal system. — VNS

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